One of the most popular hill stations in India, Manali is amidst the mountain slopes, with spell-binding views, enchanting streams, small cottages hidden in the fairy-tale-like fog, and a soothing fragrance of pines and deodar.

Manali oozes tempting old-world magic and is endowed with extraordinary picturesque charm. Booking a Manali Tour Package can enjoy a spectacular trip along with plenty of adventure sports activities such as river rafting, trekking, mountaineering, etc. Manali, along with a hub for adventure but is also home to a tiny slice of history.

Manali: Home to Adventure:

Solang Valley: If you are a true adventure sport lover, then you are here for a treat. Solang Valley, about 13 km from Manali is a delight full of adventure sports all year long. While it becomes a major skiing spot during winters due to all the snowfall, and in summers, it’s like an adventure hub of activities like Paragliding, Horse Riding, Camping, Zorbing, And more…

Kasol: To escape from the boring and mundane life, Kasol is one of the places that you would love to strike off to this destination at least once in your lifetime. Beginning from exploring the confluence of river Parvati and Beas, Kasol is a small hamlet that is home to the deep-rooted Himachali culture and pot making. Kasol is also known as Mini-Israel due to its rich flavor of the best Israeli food and most of the population is from Israel.

Rohtang pass: How about grabbing a cup of hot beverage in the freezing weather surrounded by pristine Himalayan peaks? Having fun with snowballs, at the height of above 3900 meters above sea level, Sounds overwhelming right? Rohtang is the beauty captured in the Himalayas and is the most dangerous yet a piece of heaven on earth. Distance between Manali and Rohtang pass is 51 km and is a hub for cycling enthusiasts, so if you are planning to visit Manali this year, don’t miss the beautiful sights of glaciers, peaks, and Chandra river.

Beas Kund: Beas Kund river originates from Rohtang La Pass and is considered a sacred river as it is believed that Maharishi Vyas meditated here for years. Beas Kund Trek in the heart of Manali that gives you the great vistas of Hanuman Tibba, Ladakhi peak, Manali peak, Muker beh, Sheti Dhar peak, and the Friendship Peak. This crystal-clear lake is the true example of rich natural beauty to feast on your eyes and revitalize your soul.

  • Hampta Pass:

Hampta pass’s beauty is all about its crossover stream-crossing experience. It offers you a crunchy motley of breathtaking scenery. Hopping over rocks to cross about ten streams barefoot. Are you ready?

In a nutshell, the Manali tour package is a joyful journey nestled in pristine nature that is short but dotted with all the variants of Himalayan topography.