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A few words about us

We at Himalayan Adventure Trips organize treks, tours, expeditions, Cycling, Paragliding, river rafting, Skiing and camping in various regions of Leh Laddakh, Nepal and in Himachal Pradesh. We believe in working with local inhabitant’s guides and instructors to provide an extra bit of knowledge about the surroundings and the terrain.

Himalayan Adventure Trips is a distinguished adventure company in the Northern Himalayas as well as in Nepal and other parts of the country. We at Himalayan adventure trips work on least risk basis providing on with the ultimate escort during any kind of adventure activity. We are working as a tour and travel company since 5 years and own a good reputation of executing successful adventure programs in amongst leading adventure companies in Northern Himalayas. We hold a team of professional and passionate mountaineers who are capable of tackling any adverse circumstances at any means. Our Guides and Instructors are skilled, certified from ABVIMAS Manali (Himalayan Institute of Mountaineering and Allied Sports) an eminent institute of Adventure, which had given so many ardent climbers and mountaineers to the world.

We at Himalayan Adventure Trips organize treks, tours, expeditions, Cycling, Paragliding, river rafting, Skiing and camping in various regions of Leh Laddakh, Nepal and in Himachal Pradesh. We believe in working with local inhabitant’s guides and instructors to provide an extra bit of knowledge about the surroundings and the terrain. We ensure that our every program is held with precise safety and security, thus with sheer pleasure each adventure seeker will find it a fair deal to voyage into the Himalayas. We opt the best quality adventure equipments facilitating with delicious food offering a companionable team of good vibes all at one place.

At HAT everyone is invited even if he/ she are beginner or a passionate adventurer there is a lot much to do out in the Nature. The exploration of nature will never stop or start until one assures a strong will and determination to conquer the mountains. Here at HAT we make certain that every adventurer should achieve his/ her dream of climbing a peak, completing an arduous trek or cycling over highest mountain passes. We deem once you join in any of our programs/activities, you will be delighted and fulfilled with all our services facilitated in the Himalayas. So you can go to our website


Why choose us?

Fast Services

We value your time because time is money and is fleeting. Hence, we at himalaya adventure trips believe in saving your time and tries to provide you with our quality services at an instant when they are required, keeping in mind your requirements and demands. What use is of a service when it is not being provided at a right time and in right place?

Great Team

We are the team of highly trained professionals, clubbed hands to provide you the safest and the most memerable experience of your life time.The team is fully capable and equipped with modern tools and skills to drive you even through the desolated spaces. In unison we believe to reach farther ahead with prosperity and a good will.

Best Deals

Quality and safety is of the priority to us. The deals we offer are best suited as per the risk and the superiority we offer.Yet we make sure to value the customer by providing any additional deals( if possible) because we believe in making a customer rather a sale.The legacy of business is depicted from the smile of its customes.

Meet the Team

We at Himalayan Adventure Trips rely on a well-constructed team of professionals and this team is formed over the years of toil labor and experience. A comprehensive approach taken towards situations held in this extreme way of sporting is the key goal to triumph. So we have been searching arverd mountaineers performing brilliantly over the years and establishing a team of passionate adventurers, who are capable of tackling any adverse conditions held anywhere in the Himalayas. Therefore we provide the best team in the region with high success rate in any kind of adventure rather it be an expedition trekking or a rescue operation. The camaraderie coordination and a true nature of mountaineering team is intrinsic adequately evaluated and tested during the time. Though all these essentials are filled in our devout Guides and Instructors meticulously, offering a charismatic memoir.

Our team is a bunch of rich personalities who embrace a wide range of experience strength and endurance to fulfill one’s aspiration up to the mark. All of our staff is well trained and certified from the Indian Mountaineering Foundation. We have been working in the Himalayas for more than a decade with the maximum success rate safety and keep on serving inclusively. So it is much safer to choose such escorts where every aspect of Nature is observed assessed and considered before and during the excurse to an adventure.

Ashok Bodh


Ashok has been in mountaineering since 8 years scaling many of the tough terrains mountains regions in the backdrops of Kullu Manali, Lahaul Spiti and Laddakh. He is a versatile person exploring the Himalayas with great company assurance and atmosphere of delightfulness. Ashok is an active member of Himalayan Adventure Trips team and has been working for years with such an admirable club of passionate people. He had lead numerous groups to the success even in the opposite conditions with minimum numbers of failures. .

Jagdish Rana


Jagdish Rana is the most experienced mountaineer of the team holding Basic Course from ABHIMAS Manali, Advance Course from Sikkim Institute of Mountaineering, Method of Instructors from ABHIMAS Manali, Basic Skiing course, Advance and MOI course. He is active member and lead instructor of Himalayan Rescue Team and have operated several rescue operations successfully. Jagdish has scaled many of the six thousand peaks had trekked most of the remote routes in Lahaul Spiti, Kinnour, Laddakh, Kullu Manali, Uttrakhand and Sikkim. He lives in Pullag village in the outlying of Naggar.

Panna Rana


One of the oldest chap of our team Panna Bhai, has been working since 20 years in Himachal, Uttrakhand, Laddakh. . Panna is a local guy living in Rumsu village and is a born mountaineer as of the mountainous settlement requiring everyday climbing and descending even for routine necessities. He has gained a reputation of honest helpful and tough guy ready to help anyone in need. A joyful person well recognized by the extremities of incredible weather terrain and the rough routes. He is a very important part of the team assisting the group with his sheer strength and responsibility.

Charandas Thakur


The eldest of the team, nick named “Chachu” has been working for 20 years in the Himachal Uttrakhand and in Laddakh. He is a multitalented cook and has a wide range of experience in the Himalayas. His experiences are worthwhile and are helpful over the time of distress. He is man of talent preparing good food out of minimum sources available.

Vishal Thakur


Vishal is a great cook and a skilled mountaineer, working more than 10 years in the Himachal Himalayas. He prepares the best food at high altitudes where boiling a cup of soup would be sheer task to do. Vishal can cook a wide range of cuisines considered by the demand of situations. He is a multitalented person using his skills wherever required either in the kitchen or at the high altitudes. He had climbed many of the 6000endr peaks, had trekked strenuous routes and scaled unknown regions over the years.

Dr. Biswajyoti Hazarika

Co-Founder HAT

Dr Biswajyoti Hazarika is a cancer surgeon by profession while a mountaineer by passion. Profession wise he’s the Chief- Dept of Head & Neck Surgery, Artemis Hospital, Gurugram, NCT of Delhi. He belongs to a very unique category – a certified mountaineer and a doctor; a member whom every expedition team would love to have. He has done his mountaineering course from Atal Behari Vajpayee Institute of Mountaineering and Allied Sports, Manali, Himachal Pradesh. He’s well versed with the nuances of mountain sickness and its management. He has many successful expeditions under his belt- Mt Manirang in Himachal, Mount Thingchinkhang in Sikkim to name a few. To imbibe the notion of preservation of nature in the minds of young children is a dream of Dr Hazarika and as a part of making his dream come true Dr Hazarika, for the past five years has taken time out of his busy schedule as surgeon to organise and personally oversee children treks to the Himalayas. He’s a gentleman and a mountaineer.


Founder of Himalayan Adventure Trips

  • A mountaineer by profession and also a mountaineer by heart. A systematic, organized, hardworking and dedicated team player with an analytical bent of mind with excellent academic credentials. Competent & result oriented professional with excellence in providing training on Mountaineering and Adventure activities at the mass level over 15 years. Expertise in providing proper safety measures and techniques of climbing with all areas required professionals to lead and teach groups.
  • Possess personal treks and Mountain expedition experiences.
  • Efficiently led and manage the all aspects of the expedition while creating a collaborative and inclusive environment that fosters youth asset development and learning.
  • Responsibility for the climbing group and take great care to ensure the group understands the safety issues involved as well as how to climb safely.
  • Experience in taking groups out on tours, potentially dangerous.
  • Responsible for managing risk and safety, adherence to policy and procedures, and quality delivery of the curriculum.
  • Make decisions affecting all aspects of their expedition including: itinerary and/or route changes, behavior management, youth development practices.
  • Recipient of receiving award from prime minister of Israel on republic day of Israel for carrying out a rescue act in 2010. Till now got lots of award and honor for state label in rescue management.
  • Highly effective communicator with an extensive knowledge base and exceptional talent for problem solving through analytical thought processes, as well as the ability to build and lead effective teams.

Currently running own company ‘Himalayan Adventure Trips’ and Himalaya Destination’. And also founder of an NGO named ‘Himalayan Rescue Team’ . Voluntary mountain rescue teams in Himalayas named ‘Himalayan Rescue team” are independent working from many years, whose members are highly trained volunteers who are called out by the police. Although the primary focus of mountain rescue is to locate and evacuate injured and/or lost persons in upland environment.

Having done 25+ Successful Rescues with SAR team, on national and international label.) and some of rescues with ABVIMAS Manali

A mountaineer by profession and also a mountaineer by heart

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