Imagine walking through the snow-laden trails over the sheet of a frozen river in freezing cold. Embarking on a journey that tests your endurance along the way is Chadar River trek India. That is what Chadar Trek is. It is a very surreal destination and makes the most thrilling trek place for the travel bugs and especially for the mountain lovers. The Chadar Frozen River Trek is one of the most scenic and challenging treks in India. The trek is six days long and takes you across the frozen Zanskar River in Ladakh. It is located in the lap of Ladakh, where you will not find many human beings.

Best Time to go for Chadar Trek

Chadar trek is considered to be challenging as in winters Zanskar River is frozen, making the road slippery and dangerous for the trekkers. The thick blanket of ice covers the river giving meaning to its name Chadar, the blanket of ice. The temperature hovers to -15°C and -30°C temperature. So, it is very important to have endurance and mentally prepared for these conditions.

Amazing Campsites at Chadar Trek

Frozen River Zanskar:

The chadar trek is like the white gem ice sheets under your feet. The twilight trek route carries you through the villages in the Zanskar valley deep in the mountains connecting to the chilled Zanskar stream.

Encapsulated at differing intervals from the majestic mountain range, with peaks surrounding 7000 m, the virtue of Zankar is isolated for hundreds of years. The Zanskar River runs wild through the deep Himalayan canyons in summer but, as the winters arrive, temperature drops as low as -40C, freezing its upper layers.  Zanskar river flows through a steep canyon Zanskar Valley. The road to Zanskar Valley is used for trading purposes in winters as it freezes due to snowfall.

Naerak Camp :

Naerak is the most favorite campsite of the trek as it is the iconic landmark that gives you a scenic view of a frozen waterfall. Be ready to experience the cold here as the temperature dips up to -30 degrees at night. If you are left with time, don’t miss Nereak village. The village is quite conventional, but you will get to know the ultimate combination of Indian and Tibetan culture with them. The chadar route here is pretty appealing with deep canyons and cliffs. As you move a little ahead of the huge waterfall, you reach the Nerak bridge.

Wrapping Up:

“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all” – Helen Keller

While the adventure is the savior to the soul, the Chadar trek is not less than heaven. While it puts you through various challenges, it fulfills the aspiration at last. Its magnificent trail spellbinds every trekker with some spectacular views of frozen waterfalls, hanging icicles, glaciers, and much more. Collect memories there and not pictures,

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