As a traveler, it is our constant urge to breathe in the crisp air, explore the new places, and keep every bittersweet memory from our trips in our photo gallery. Spiti Valley Winter Trip is tranquil and will make you feel the bliss of solitude in its air. It is the other name for peace when it comes to the mountain villages, the exotic wildlife species, high altitude pastures. It ultimately gives you several reasons why you cannot miss Manali Spiti Kinnaur cycling.

If you are planning to go on a road trip to Spiti-Kinnaur, then get ready to be stupefied by the views of the valley and mountains around.

Best Time To Visit Spiti Valley

If you wish to visit the amazing lakes and have a memorable winter in Spiti valley then, the best time to go for Spiti Valley Tour is from October to March. This is the time when snowfall flourishes with the least sunlight.  Spending winter in Spiti adds a glimpse into the life and culture of some of India’s most remote villages.

Things To Do In Spiti This Winters

  • Trekking
  • Camping
  • Frozen waterfall climbing
  • Spotting a snow leopard

Reasons To Go For Manali Spiti Kinnaur Cycling

Spiti is the valley where you can hear your heartbeat awestruck by its beauty. This valley is a hidden gem in the lap of Himachal Pradesh close to Tibet.  It’s grandeur makes it a perfect destination for adventurists and acrophiles.

John Keats very well says it, ‘The Poetry Of The Earth Is Never Dead.  Just like that, Spiti Valley is a true example of bringing out wilderness in the mountains.

Let us tell you a few reasons why you should go for the Spiti Valley tour once in your lifetime.

Glimpse Of Winter Homestay Trail

Spiti valley trail takes you through the world’s highest inhabited village Komik, is situated at an elevation of 5000m above sea level. Renowned for its heights, the homestay set against the bright blue skies with isolated slopes. It offers a camping experience of walking under millions of sky in freezing cold weather. With a little over a dozen households, expect to be greeted with cups of hot tea from charming families that live here.

Perfect Combination Of History And Thrill

The Key Gompa Monastery is a beautiful monastery, perched atop a hill, at an altitude of 4166m above sea level. The monastery offers you the panoramic views of the Himalayan Mountains and the vast blue layer of the sky. The views from the terrace of the monastery are nothing less than the feast to the eyes.

Have A Pristine Cycling Experience With The Beautiful Lakes.

Spiti valley is a place, which is yet untouched by tourism as it has come into tourist’s eyes a few years ago. For a decade, it has gained popularity for its moon-like landscapes, lofty villages, intimidating mountains, diverse wildlife, and alluring scenery.

With its wonderstruck sites, you won’t be short of picture-perfect views if you have a love for a true adventure here.

Dhankar Lake

Dhankar Lake is a beautiful lake, with its glassy, still, surface, and spectrum of colors that can display some of water’s most mesmerizing qualities. Surrounded by the Manerang peak at its side, it will make you forget the man made wonders also, with its spectacular view.  The mesmerizing beauty and wondrous journey have made Dhankar lake one of the most famous lakes in the Spiti Valley Cycling Tour.

Chandratal Lake

The sun rising over the blue tranquil waters pampering mother nature with a little extra care, Chandratal Lake the mystical blue lake surrounded by majestic mountains. It gives a sense of pure joy, an absolute romantic sense to freedom and adventure. The weather is pleasant and one can experience the various shades of the sky in the turquoise water of the lake.

Looking Forward:

No wonder that you had already fallen in love with this valley. Feel the magic of Spiti. Lure yourself with a visit. Explore the fairyland and book the Spiti Valley Tour Packages and catch scenic glimpses of the adjoining mountains and valleys from the twisty uphill roads.