Men’s desire to soar among the birds leads him to invent the airplanes, hot air balloons and other aircrafts. But the immense joy of hovering like a bird was given to him by his invention of the flying gliders. There are different types of gliders but a paraglide is the most convenient and the practical type of aviation on the planet. Unlike other gliders a paraglide is a lightweight, free-flying, foot-launched glider aircraft with no rigid primary structure. The pilot sits in a harness suspended below a fabric wing. Wing shape is maintained by the suspension lines, the pressure of air entering vents in the front of the wing, and the force of air flowing around the wing.

All the equipment fits in a backpack weighing anywhere from 25-50 pounds depending on the equipment choices. Everything you need to fly fits in your backpack, which you can check onto a plane or put in the trunk of your car as you travel

Among other major adventure activities Paragliding in India has become a popular sport now. Paragliding is an electrifying adventure sport of flying paragliders. This not only leaves a man breathless but at the same time flabbergasted. India is rich for its variety of culture and adventure activities are no different. There are numerous of paragliding sites in India but the major happens to be in Himachal Pradesh like Bir billing, kullu valley, Solang nala are among the top notches. Bir billing happens to be a small village near palampur in Himachal Pradesh came in light after hosting the 1st ever paragliding world cup. Manali is mainly known for its high mountains standing tall which acts as honey for adventurists for taking the flight from the cliffs. The major regions in manali to take flight from are Solang Nala, Kothi, Dobhi, Bijli Mahadev and much more. Paragliding in Himalayas is an experience that will stay with you till your last breath when you flew like a bird amidst the wind hovering over snow clapped mountains, green fields, river flowing by and clouds accompanying you while you fly.

Paragliding is the most practical way to live amongst the clouds and soar like a bird. But it is said if you are to fly high you should check the quality of feathers you are using. With our feather to make your dream of flying come true we make sure that your safety is not at stake. Like other aviation, paragliding is dependent on weather, wind direction, maturity and judgment, and the pilot’s ability. Its exquisite, its lively.. adventure is suppose to keep you thrilled and we at Himalaya trips will make sure to give you an experience for life time.