Rappelling is the technical way to abseil down a cliff or a ridge in a controlled method, by using rope and a particular gear to make sure the safety of a descend. It is the fastest way of descend often used when any contingency or any other situation occur. It is a popular sport primly done in Manali, which has great Rocky Mountains in the vicinity of the town. There are many sites where a good vertical or slight slant rockformations can be found.It takes just few technicalities to understand rappelling besides it is easy safe and enjoyable sport. We at HAT have many sites which are huge short or whatever one is willing to rappel. Such activities are undertaken with adequate measures and safety. We offer wide range of adventure activities and rappelling is one of them. One can get any kind of information from our website: www.himalayanadventuretrips.com, or mail us at: info@himalayanadventuretrips.com