Himalayan Rescue Team is an NGO of Kasol Himachal Pradesh, Which provide all kind of rescue services in Himalayan region. The goal of Search and rescue is to locate, stabilize and extract individuals in distress. That can mean a hiker on the side of a mountain, a trapped urban disaster survivor, each area of SAR employs techniques specific to the circumstance. Rescue Safety Program is to support the safety of all Emergency Management and Rescue volunteers and contribute to the safety of other persons on scene. The rescue is done by choppers or on the ground level with the co-ordination with the local authorities and volunteers as required. Medical emergencies can happen anywhere and at any time. So we not only offer you the evacuation but also give you the most reliable advice so that you can take the right emergency medical decisions. Once we are informed, we find you, make you comfortable, and bring back together. If the individual has deceased so body is recovered and hand over to the relatives. It takes so much effort to rescue someone from nowhere and for this act the administration, volunteers or army personals gather and look out the chances of the lost or dead while climbing a mountain or stuck in a urban disaster. For the rescue operations all means are used at any level.

The search and rescue assistance is mostly provided on a nonprofit basis to the govt. It is run by the volunteers and the trained mountaineers. They are trained to work in extreme conditions to save the man stuck on a cliff, or a injured mountaineer fallen into crevasse or people trapped under debris. Main sudden onset natural disasters – such as earthquakes, tsunamis, storms, typically damage infrastructure, cause injury and sometimes massive loss of life. An immediate life-saving response is required to rescue those who are trapped and stabilize or evacuate survivors. We at Himalayan Adventure Trips work with Himalayan Rescue Team. If you are required any help from our side pls call us: +91-9318840504 or mail us at: info@himalayanadventuretrips.com