The diversity of Kullu Manali is profound giving one an opportunity to explore around various adventures. As you know it is a mountainous countryside beholding varied terrains endorsing extreme adventure activities. Rock climbing is among one of the extreme sports executed in the valley which fascinates people around the world. The sport has owned a great reputation in Manali, a hot spot of adventure seekers, explorers and mountaineers. Many of the local youths are doing well in the rock climbing and are taking their knowledge to the next level. We also are taking this sport in front of the mainstream enthusiasts who are always looking for a new challenge and a new terrain. Therefore are huge boulders of different shapes and sizes, rocky walls waiting to be treaded and tested over. A site in Prini is usually opted to train a beginner yet there are walls and boulders for considered skills. There are other sites too offering a wide range of rock climbing experiences. The abundance and a variety of rock hard walls extant textured slopes, edges, cracks as they are made for rock climbing.

It is a risky sport and requires precise knowledge of Nature of a Rock, textures, gaps and holds and use of technical equipment’s. All these technicalities are sorted and trained out at HAT with inclusive way of accomplishment. We have professional rock climbers working in this field since years of training and experience worthy enough to merit a beginner or a pro. Thus one can rely on HAT to go through this stupendous course of time by visiting our, or mail us