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Manali, Himachal Pradesh
Very Good


12 Nights / 13 Days

Tour Type

Specific Tour

Group Size

12 people


English, Hindi



  • Region: Manali
  • Total Duration – 12 Nights / 13 Days
  • Style Of Trip – Climbing
  • Maximum Altitude – 5932 m/ 19460 ft.
  • Grade – Moderate to Difficult
  • Best Season – June to October
  • Accommodation – Hotel/Guesthouse; Organized Campsite
  • Food – On trek – All meals included
  • The three Fanged Peak raises colossally in the mighty range of Dhauladhar, remarked as a highest peak of the range perches in the North Himalayan vales of Manali. The peak is saffron colored and is named Hanuman Tibba, suggesting that it has been derived from Hindu mythological Monkey God. It is one of the sacred mountains located in India, as per the spiritual relativity all climbs are done after proper ceremonial offerings. The hanuman tibba peak is a technical peak with unpredicted challenges that beginners are not proficient of doing it, only the mountaineers who have done prior climbing expeditions will be able to endure the whole climbing course. The Hanuman Tibba climbing comprises with an assertive approach of exertion surmounted by immaculate strength and endurance.
  • The great peak erects massively as one passes through Kothi, Gulaba road leading to Rohtang Pass. It will be a great introduction for someone to see peaks enormity. But our route will be on different road leading into the Solang Valley where we will be having partial view of the Peak until we reach the Raoli Thach. The actual route starts from the last road head at Dhundi, from where we will trail obliquely through beautiful meadows diverse vegetation across multiple ridges until Raoli Thach and then to Lady Leg. Further from here we will set our ABC at tentu Base by ferrying necessary load. It is requisite to perform such ferries that it will help acclimatize the individual faster. Above from the ABC our challenge commences through a passage surrounded with massive rocky mountains, which gets narrowed as we climb higher to the tentu pass. This is the trickiest part of the expedition that there is high risk of falling rocks, avalanches throughout the climb. After the Tentu Pass an ice field is followed by endless moraines area requiring all day to overcome. The approach toward Pyramid Peak is precipitous and requires a circumambulation of the peak after Tentu pass. This reclusive land of moraines triggers a strange feeling inside that is often derived from the harsh and isolated landscape of hope and despair. The circling of the mighty peak ends at the summit base perched on a massive glacier field surrounded by stunning mountain ranges. At the summit camp one can see the peak still elongating colossally, requiring a precise summit approach by tracing the best possible route. The peak is climbed on steep icy gradients reclining all the way till summit. The climb demands sheer endurance to attain the top resulting into a magnificent grandeur of the Hanuman Tibba. The pinnacle presents stunning panorama of gigantic mountain ranges glimpsed consecutively in an outlay. We will hoist the National Flag perform a short ceremony of gratitude to the mother nature for its sustenance throughout and retrieve back to the summit camp with secure descend. It will be a glorifying moment of self gratification over conquering astounding Peak.
  • As you have marched over Hanuman Tibba glacier, you would come to know that this prominent ice filed is shrinking. The impact of global warming can be seen on this massive glacier field, declining its vastness by emerge of debris graved underneath and tiny crakes turned into huge crevasses. The glacier is reducing its immense grandeur each year which is an alarming situation for the people living below. Because as these ice fields reduce its form due to melting it will give birth to water scarcities, natural unbalance. Although these ice fields are the main reservoirs of water and play a vital role in eco system of the region. This dramatic change of weather keeps affecting each year the valley with unpredicted showers floods and other natural calamities. Apart from it we can at least keep clean the fragile environment by collecting all the litter whether it is left by other teams earlier, we will bring it back to the city for a proper disposal and encourage all the climbers to do so as passing through any mountainous region.
  • Hence it is the climbing experience presenting one with the challenges never dealt before atmosphere never experienced before, combating with oneself against all the adversities and ultimately the joy of surmount. The climbing brings out the best in the people realizing and relieving one with reverberations of true lively struggle and mountain does so indeed.


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Preparation for Hanuman Tibba Expedition

As you know every mountainous excursion demands a precise planning, a planning with adequate pliability of observing and tackling situations, held all as by overcoming mind body and soul throughout the incredible Himalayan journey.

So here are some aspects regarding Hanuman Tibba Expedition preparation:

Physically – A trek demands physical endurance, to prepare for each trek you should work out a month before joining a program.  Build up the adequate strength in your legs by running and exercising every day to boost up your endurance. Stop smoking and boost your lungs doing breathing exercises at routine basis two times a day, which will help acclimatize the conditions while being resilient on the trek. Take active part in outdoor games, Yoga and any other cardiac exercises.

Mentally – Mental preparation is key, equally as important as physical training requisite for a trek. Before joining any trek take pleasure in your daily routines, eat well, take rest properly and relax. Do not stress your mind by unnecessary predictions about the trek. Be with your best friends to get motivated and relax your mind. Because pre trek assumptions are not worthy because once you join the trek and meet with rest of the pack will bring encouragement and excitement. The mental preparedness will build through the entire trek conditions. And the physical drawbacks will affect the mind. So pay close attention to various parts of the body and consciously let them loosen up as you trek. When you trek try to relax your body, especially your hips. If you’re on a winding downhill trail or on a panicking slant, think of each step as part of a simple dance and enjoy the natural rhythms that the terrain and your body can find together cautiously. Experiment with different ways of walking as a way of finding enjoyment beyond the goal of reaching a destination. The main key to stay mentally fit is to enjoy the route and not to pressurize the mind.

Technically- Gear up yourself with perfect size trekking shoes and walk with it. Use 60ltr. Backpack in a daily routine with some weight inside it, so you become used to carrying loads. Buy a trekking pole, water bottle, warm socks, thermals, fleece, feather jackets, trousers, poncho,  flip flops, electronics such as power bank, camera (DSLR or digital camera).

Detail Itinerary

Day 1:  Reporting Naggar. (1800m.)

Arrive Naggar and accommodate yourself at the Hotel. Orientation & Briefing of the trek will be given once you have occupied. Sufficient time would be given for visiting market and nearby places. Stay a night in hotel rooms.

Day 2: Naggar - Manali - Raoli Thach. (3000m/9840ft.)

First we will drive towards Solang valley and then to Dhundi. Our trek starts from Dhundi to Bakkar Thach through picturesque backwoods of Manali. Here at Dhundi Beas river confluences with its tributary and flows feeding all along the valley below. The trail is moderate with just few upwards followed with striking sights of diverse vegetation. We will follow the trail obliquely on the right side of the river and keep following the trail until we are obstructed by a stream. We will cross the river and here we are at the campsite just above the stream. It is a beautiful camping site surrounded with massive mountain ranges, ideal site to start an expedition. We will fix our camps and rest for the night in tents.

Day 3: Raoli Thach – Lady Leg – Load Ferry to ABC – Lady Leg. (3600m/11810ft)

Today we will climb towards Lady Leg, a base for several peak expeditions. It is just above the Raoli Thach achieved through a winding trail. Once reached at Lady Leg we will rest for sometime then segregate all the equipment, then we will pack our load and head towards ABC ferrying load. We will drop some of our necessary things at the ABC and return back by the evening to the campsite at Lady Leg. Once reached have cup of tea and relax. Have your dinner and sleep inside tents.

DAY 4: Lady Leg – ABC Tentu Base (4000m/13120ft.)

Wake up early pack all the equipment and leave after having a healthy food. We will trek towards ABC and will occupy it today. In the afternoon we will do some technical reminders at the icy slope nearby the campsite. We will observe the passage for a safe route and timing. Return back to the campsite by the evening prepare your gear as we will need it further on. It is comfortable site at ABC with less winds and cold. One more advantage of pitching the campsite at Tentu Base is that it is just below the Tentu Gully, shortening the distance of approachability. The ABC is covered with miniature plant life with some resilient flower species ornamenting the landscape with varied color. Sleep the night peacefully as the upcoming days are full of challenges.

DAY 5: Tentu Base – Tentu Pass - Camp I (4800m/ 15750ft.)

Start your day as early as possible because the passage ahead is dangerous when sun warms up, loosening rocks to slide. We will start early around 5am taking all requisite gear and food stuff. Some of the ration will be dropped at this campsite in case of any weather changes or in case of ailments. It’s a hard climb though the slope leans steeply as we climb higher. We have to be careful and aware of every member’s movement, because sometimes these rocks or stones are triggered by sloppy mistakes that could result fatally. Never the less we will climb prudently and reach the top. At the last section of the pass brings all the adversities at one place with ice and rocky slants however climbed with the help of rope but is exhausting after an arduous climb. Once climbed the pass it is a moderate trek till the campsite near to a glacial lake. Here one can have the first scenes of the massive peak. It is a barren landscape surrounded by fierce mountains and its debris. We will halt a night at this arid natured campsite for the night.

Day 06: Camp I – Summit Camp (5000m/ 16400ft)

It’s the day of striding over distant moraine slants covering more than half distance of the route. It is a distressing job today to negotiate tectonic protrusions held colossally. The topography further from the Tentu Pass is filled with despondencies yet strengthening one to go after hope and despair. It will take all day long to cover the challenging distance consisting of subsequent ups and downs on boulders stones and ice. The treading is done obliquely on loose slants of debris frequently showing up large crevasses multiple ridges of glacier covered with stones and boulders. We will keep the right side of the mountain following the ridge until the grand Hanuman Tibba glacier emerges. Once you get encountered with the glacier ridge one might get delusion of distances an obvious reaction of presuming expansions. The ice fields seems like it is finished then eventually showing up more moderate gradients. Our tents will be pitched just below the Hanuman Tibba, from where we can estimate the best route for the summit. It is cold and windy yet unanticipated hues of high altitude fascinates tranquilly. We will eat well and sleep before dark to wake up early in the middle of the night. Prepare your gears before going to sleep.

Day 07: Summit Attempt (5930m/19450ft.)

The time has come to accomplish the task vigorously with all adequate manners. Our climb will start in the middle of the night by checking weather conditions. If the window gets open we will hit the moment and head for the target prudently. It is an overwhelming climb demanding all the strength and patience from someone try n scale the peak.  Our aim will be to reach the summit by the morning because when we return it shouldn’t be latter than noon. It is because we want to avoid any contingencies held often while descending. Our instructors will lead and escort you till the top taking all essential measures. Ropes will be fixed for a safe climb wherever required. After hours of climbing steep slants we will somehow reach the summit. While climbing to the summit one will see the saffron rock formations lying just in front.  We will climb up safely by roping up to the top, once achieved the summit have a look around, over the far flung mountainous valleys. It will be a great achievement attaining the top of highest peak in Dhauladhar Range at 5930m. Then descend carefully to the summit camp. We will either stay at summit camp or leave it accordingly to time taken. Whatever the decision we will spend a night in the tents.

Day 08: Reserve day for Summit

The day is reserved for any kind of weather change, delay or any other opposite situations.

Day 09: Summit Camp – Camp I

Start an early push towards camp I through same route over moraines. It would be an uneasy treading after the tremendous effort of climbing a peak. It is a long distance to be covered through uncertain terrains. We will reach the camp I by the evening. We will have some hot soup and dinner, then lay down to rest.

Day 10: Camp I - Tentu Base

Today it’s a short hike to the top of Tentu Pass which further goes downhill till the ABC. Once reached at the top of Pass rope up yourself and start descending cautiously. We will cross the small gully and then enter into the larger one expanding below to the base. It will take hours to complete the sheer downhill passage. Once approached at Tentu Base one can relax with ease in the warmer temperature on the green grass. Get occupied in your tents and sleep well.

Day 11:  Tentu Base – Lady Leg

Today it’s time to climb the final ascend towards Lady Leg. Initially the route is goes downwards and flattens till the Beas Kund Lake. We will go across the lake towards a steep winding rise of slope leading to tiny Pass. It is a short climb but presents overwhelming demands. It will take more than an hour to complete the patch, finally concluded with a smile. After we climb across the tiny pass we can see the campsite clearly. We will approach Lady Leg and halt for the night.

Day 12: Lady Leg – Dhundi - Solang – Manali - Naggar

It’s the final day of expedition climbing down to the vegetation civilization and to the comfort zone. It is a comfortable descends via same route toward Dhundi. At Dhundi our vehicle would be waiting for you to pick up. From here we will drive to Manali, then to Naggar. You will be accommodated with Hotel rooms in Naggar.

Day 13: Checkout after breakfast.

Today it’s time to break up in the morning, fresh up take all your belongings and check out from the hotel.

Important Note:

The itinerary is a guideline and standard pattern which we provide you. This Climbing Expedition can be modified according to your time and requirements. This trek can be modified as per Schedule as well. Enquire or E-mail us for latest updated info and price for Expedition.

How To Reach

Distance by road:-

Manali is well connected to Delhi. Take an overnight bus from Delhi and you will reach Manali in 12 to 14 hours(approx 540 KMS). Tickets can be booked online at or Tip : Since Delhi Manali is a long journey most Volvo private buses leave Delhi between 5 pm and 8 pm. The last govt bus leaves at 8.30 pm from ISBT Kashmere Gate. Volvo buses charge between Rs.1,200 to 1,800 per sector from Delhi to Manali and vice versa. Manali to Delhi: Like the onward journey, buses leave from Manali to Delhi between 4 and 8 p.m. Your tentative arrival at Delhi may be anywhere between 6 a.m and 10 a.m. Plan your onward journeys only post noon giving enough buffer for bus delay.

How to reach Naggar:

From Manali, Naggar is 18 km. far and there are multiple buses running in every 15 minutes or one can get off at Patlikuhal which is 5 km. far from Naggar on the right bank highway. Patlikuhal lies in between of Kullu Manali. You can club a taxi or travel by a local transport from Manali or Patlikuhal to approach Naggar.

Nearest Railway Station:-

Nearest Railway station is Ambala (350 kms) and Chandigarh (310 kms). Tip: Regular Volvo and Buses are available from Chandigarh to Manali in the evening. Volvo buses charge between Rs.800 to Rs.1,200 per sector from Chandigarh to Manali and vice versa.

Nearest Airport :-

Nearest Airport is Bhuntar. which is 52 km away from Manali, is the nearest airport. Taxi services are available from Bhuntar to Manali, which costs about Rs.1500 to Rs.2,500. Bhuntar is well connected to Delhi by air. The airliners that take you to this Airport are Indian Airlines, Kingfisher airlines, MDLR Airlines and Jagson Airlines, operating flights from Delhi and Chandigarh to Kullu.

Things To Pack

Trekking Pants, Thick warm Lowers
Windproof jacket, Downfeather Jacket preferably with a hood
Warm and thick Fleece.
Full-sleeve Woollen sweater
Thermal inner wear (upper & lower).
Woollen cap, Woollen Gloves, Woollen socks & regular socks (3-4 pairs).
Scarf/Muffler (optional), Balaclava or a woolen cap.
Comfortable Trekking/Hiking shoes (shoes with a thick sole are recommended).
Lightweight Towel(1 unit).
Toilet Paper (plenty).
Wet-Tissue Papers(plenty).
Lightweight floaters/sandals/slippersRaincoat / Poncho, Small light weight Towel.
Water bottle.
Sunscreen Lotion.
Cap to keep the intense sun away from your face, Sunglasses.
Walking stick / Trekking Pole,Head Torch / Flashlight (with extra batteries).
Medicines (if requiring any particular medication).
Personal toiletries.
Day pack/small bag which you will Carry on your back every day and keep your essentials in it.
Camera with charged batteries.


  • Highly advanced, Professional & certified mountaineering (Instructor/guide) from Himalayan Adventure Trips.
  • Skilled local Guide who has ample knowledge of the route.
  • Vegetarian meals on the Climbing. (Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner)
  • Cooks/Helper and other requisite staff.
  • HAF/LAF/Porters/mules for carrying common equipment's (like rations/tents/utensils/and Central climbing Equipment)
  • Equipment's – Tents on sharing basis / Sleeping bags / Sleeping Mattress/ Sleeping bag Inner
  • During Trek & Expedition we will provide you Dome/Alpine/High Altitude tents on twin sharing basis. Camping mattresses, kitchen tent, dining tent, camping stool etc. would be provided.
  • High Altitude Porters to ferry loads, set up high camps, fix ropes etc.
  • Climbing Guide’s support up to Summit
  • Butane gas bottle for high altitude cooking
  • Meals: In Hotel only breakfast will served. While on trek all meals will be provided. Meals will be freshly prepared and will be a mix of Indian, Chinese & Continental.
  • High Altitude meal: We will use tin packed food in high altitude.
  • Basic First aid Kit with portal oxygen.
  • Forest Permits, wild life fee and camping charges.
  • State Government Fees.
  • Personal Porters for carrying Climber’s backpacks
  • Air fare
  • Any charges for carrying still/video cameras etc.
  • Personal expenses like tips, telephone calls, laundry, etc.
  • Group Gears for climbing e.g. rope, pitons, snow bars, crabs etc
  • Individual Climbing Gears and clothing; special individual mountain diet if any
  • Inner Line Permit.
  • Personal insurance or cost of emergency evacuation
  • Purchases of personal natures (like Alcohol, Soft drink, mineral water bottles/bottled or canned beverages/chocolates/dry fruits etc)
  • Food to/from the trailhead.
  • Any costs arising out of unforeseen circumstances like landslides, road blocks, bad weather, etc.
  • Travel insurance.
  • IMF Permissions, Royalty and Registration.
  • Liaison Officer Cost (included for foreign expedition only)
  • GST of 5%.


12 Nights / 13 Days
1 Night / 2 Days

Tour's Location

Manali, Himachal Pradesh


Very Good
Based on 20 reviews
Very Good
The Trekking adventure tours in Indian Himalaya

Hussain Jamali

My experience with that was a really good one. As this was my first expedition i would say it didn't feel like a solo cause the people I met on this expedition gelled up so well that it came out as an awesome experience. And the food was delicious, especially the deserts I never expected that.
The Trekking adventure tours in Indian Himalaya

Rajhans Jain

I can write pages and pages about the trekking expedition and overall activity had with HAT I long wanted to do high altitude expedition And this is how I got to know about HAT I choose Hanuman Tibba don't know why but once I have done my trek I believed that I was meant to be at Hunuman Tibba I made amazing friends in the trek, got connected with the mother nature, and got sense of accomplishment and motivation after the trek.
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The Trekking adventure tours in Indian Himalaya

Sachin Bansal

This was not only my first expedition but also my first solo trip to the Himalayas. Following are some of the lessons I have taken back from the mountains. 1. My body can work better than my expectations if I work on it: Even though I had been preparing for this expedition by going on running every day, I didn’t expect my body to maintain the kind of pace it did. The first 500m of the ascent were definitely exhausting but after that it felt good. In fact, I was always with the leading section of the group and this was very encouraging to realise. I learnt that if I continue working on my fitness, I would be able to go on longer treks and thus have more enjoyable experiences. 2. I can work on my worst fears by facing them head-on: I am the kind of person whose legs start shaking while looking down from the 4th storey of a building. Such is my fear of heights! So, this trek was also an exercise in facing my fear. I remember that even though the views in the valleys were beautiful, I quickly got nervous by realizing where I was and how narrow and steep was the path on which I was walking. Sometimes, I even wished for my peripheral vision to get disabled so that I cannot get the slightest idea of where I am. At a point just below the basecamp, I also slipped a bit and was completely dreaded after that. Throughout the stay in the basecamp, I was very anxious because the camps were on a slope! Down with anxiety, I could not sleep well, and I kept waking up after every 1 hour or so just to check if I am not sliding down! But I completed the ascent and did reach the summit! On reaching there, I could not hold my tears as I could not believe that I had just reached the top of a mountain. I will never be able to forget this experience as it has provided me with a strong sense of courage and an affirmation that I can win over my fears with perseverance. 3. Nature is supreme and a walk into it is uplifting: I was absolutely taken aback by the elements of nature that I witnessed on this trek. The breath-taking view of the sunset from the basecamp justified all the walk I had done. I was completely overwhelmed by the view of the majestic Himalayan peaks from the summit. Losing my sense of self, I wished for time to stand still and it felt like I could look at them forever. Initially, I wished I could fly through the large distance between me and those peaks, touch them and come back. But when I realised that I was tired from the climb and it was such a huge distance, I felt overpowered by the reality of nature I was witnessing. My ego dissolved in that moment and at once, I was completely thoughtless. While starting to climb down, I took one final look at those peaks and bid them goodbye with a tearful eye. I still do not know what was the whole point of climbing the mountain, but I am pretty sure that there was something about it that touched my soul and it was this very thing that maintained the rhythm of my walk and provided me the strength to continue. The expedition went really good. The expedition leader Manu Sir instructions at every step. I would definitely remember the stories he told us at different points during the journey. He helped identify the North star and Sirius using the Orion constellation. He also told us about his fascinating experience during the Roopkund trek. Our general knowledge was also tested at the summit! 😊 At the summit, he helped identify the prominent peaks . He told us about the story behind the Nanda Devi summits, which was quite interesting. Other guides also helped me during the steep snow sections near the summit. When I got nervous during the steep sections, he encouraged me for doing very good as a first-time trekker. Personally, I was surprised I could maintain my pace both while ascending and descending, even though I felt a lot of pain in my legs for 1-2 days after reaching home. Overall, the expedition was a thrilling experience and I am definitely heading to the mountains in near future for more such experiences. As I am also working on improving my stamina, I hope to do longer and difficult expedition in future.
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The Trekking adventure tours in Indian Himalaya

Rajiv Sharma

This expedition reaffirmed in my memory how different is living in the mountains as compared to city life. Tent gear was good. safety part was well taken care of
The Trekking adventure tours in Indian Himalaya

Rajiv Sharma

I found the expedition and the leader very professional. Each meal served was hot, freshly cooked and wholesome. Consciously, HAT was providing food which was not factory made and comes in bio-nondegradable packing. Through the expedition they continued to emphasize on the need to keep the nature free of any trash. They chose a route not taken by other teams so the trail was not crowded and clean.
The Trekking adventure tours in Indian Himalaya

Anisha S. Lalwani

The details of the expedition were briefed to us a day before starting the trek and made us mentally prepared even more for the trek. A demo on how to use the GMX file and track our own routes was something really fascinating and gave me the confidence I can do any other expedition on my own as well if I want to. The use of micro spikes and gaters was new to me and I enjoyed it. The expedition leaders were constantly in touch with us and fascinating us with their adventures on every step of the trek. Got to learn so many things from them on the trek.
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The Trekking adventure tours in Indian Himalaya

Anisha S. Lalwani

The Human Tibba expedition was the first Himalayan trek experience for me and HAT has made my experience one of its kind! I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. What I also realised was that HAT just does not want us to trek a summit, they create and curate a complete lifetime experience. It was the small things that mattered the most - as simple as an encouraging wake-up call, the 10 minutes of silence on the summit and the postcard. I was in tears at the summit at the beauty of the Himalayas.
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The Trekking adventure tours in Indian Himalaya




It was Manu Sir's confidence and technical expertise that we could do the summit. He is an excellent motivator and if he is around, one feels and motivated. It was undoubtedly an experience I won’t forget my entire life. It was all about moving out of your comfort zone and experiences the adventure and thrill at its best
The Trekking adventure tours in Indian Himalaya




Manu and his team was constantly motivating. The support he gave mentally to trekkers was excellent. Friendly face leading always seems positive. For my 1st expedition was awesome experience. The expedition for me was perfect to experience everything which I desired. The food quality was excellent which really amazed me. Keep it up
The Trekking adventure tours in Indian Himalaya




The guides and motivates the group. Manu Sir has a clean vision for the trek and explains the same to the group well. Very well organized and coordinated trek. Really great support staff and excellent food. Looking forward to more treks with HAT.
The Trekking adventure tours in Indian Himalaya




We had a great time because of the expedition leader and HAT staff. They went out of their way to make it comfortable for us. The small touches make so much difference. They kept the team together and made us feel confident. I highly appreciate their attitude and professionalism
The Trekking adventure tours in Indian Himalaya




A very well expedition An excellent experience the credit for which goes to the expedition leaders leader and Trek guides. HAT has managed to employ some very good people. And we hope it continues to do so. Thanks to the HAT I take back a very rich experience I shall cherish forever
The Trekking adventure tours in Indian Himalaya




I'm writing to thank team HAT for giving us a wonderful experience on Hanuman Tibba . The expedition leaders entertained and led us really well throughout the trail and their staff ensured we were treated with some delicious food on each camp to keep us healthy and charged up for the next day's walk. The team took care of all our worries and allowed us to focus only on the trail and it's breathtaking beauty. I say all this on behalf of our entire batch. Thank you!
View More
The Trekking adventure tours in Indian Himalaya




Very good leadership by expedition leaders ,they guided very well and kept helping all the trekkers. Our leaders had excellent energy and made the expedition look very easy. A great experience. A physical, mental, spiritual jouney and test. Very well managed & guided through out. Food was very good. Can’t wait to be in the Himalayas again
The Trekking adventure tours in Indian Himalaya




Expedition leader was well informed and knowledgeable about the trek. Kept us engrossed in the texpedition. The tech team and leader did not let us quit and kept us going. support staff very good, very helpful and supportive.
The Trekking adventure tours in Indian Himalaya




HAT trek leaders, team and staff were extremely professional and helpful. Our expedition was planned and scheduled on time by the trek leaders well in advance so as to witness nature at its best. . The food was served 10/10 with love, care and taste. The tents and sleeping bags were clean. I recommend and rate HAT a 10/10
The Trekking adventure tours in Indian Himalaya




The beauty of this place can never be put in words. It was therapeutic. The Campsite were fabulous amidst these cement wooden brick houses it's an experience and a blessing to be living in these beautiful tents . The Campsites and the food was on point. They were pretty hygienic. I couldn't have asked for more better trek leaders and guide they were full of patience. Looking forward to more expeditions.
The Trekking adventure tours in Indian Himalaya

Amlandeep Das

The expedition went well, I enjoyed thoroughly throughout the entire trip. The views were awesome. The hospitality was too good.
The Trekking adventure tours in Indian Himalaya




I am a big devotee of Hanuman and being able to do this expedition is a big deal. Thank you HAT <3.
The Trekking adventure tours in Indian Himalaya




I am a big devotee of Hanuman and being able to do this expedition is a big deal. All thanks to the Team HAT <3.
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