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Manali, Himachal Pradesh


10 Nights / 11 Days

Tour Type

Specific Tour

Group Size

15 people


English, Hindi



  • Region:                           Manali, Lahul, Ladakh
  • Total Duration –           10 Night / 11 Days
  • Maximum Altitude –      17582 Ft.
  • Grade –                          Difficult
  • Best Season –              June to September
  • Accommodation –          Organized Campsite / Guest house
  • Food –                           On tour All meals included
  • Distance –                    485 KM.
  • Pedal on the world’s highest road with pack of strangers, abundant valleys of foliage, number of rusty roads, multiple high passes, vacillated weather, barren meadows, vast flatlands to the least greenery of Leh is none other than Manali Leh Cycling Expedition. It is a comprehensive trip frequented only for few months’ covering about 500km’s mammoth expanse testing one’s immaculate strength and determination resulting in shocking yet astounding course of time. The route is cheered amongst voyagers for it being world’s highest road fostered with stunning beauties constantly changing throughout the vastness; assess one beyond limits way afar thoughts.
  • Cycling such long distances requires the appropriate level of endurance sustaining for the days of ride. It simply can be achieved by pre routine rides done on regular basis. The Manali Leh cycling expedition isn’t tough; roads are mostly blissful but the rough High Passes obstruct the route entailing distant off-road climbs. Road is adorned with vast flatlands of More plains, sheer downhill’s, the mighty Rocky Mountains, secluded Sand hills in brown and grey en route . The trip offers fierce winds at every climb, deadly curves on each downhill, storm’s, snowfall yet accompanied by sunny days magnificent landscapes. The trip is not all about hardships it is about endurance patience conquering distress into ecstasy. It will be a great pleasure to glimpse the azure sky, Crystal clear canvas of dark night filled with twinkling and dwindling stars, Galaxies, Constellations and satellites floating in the universe. The trip beholds incredible sites of exploration which can’t be wasted but gazed for a moment. Although you might have heard a person glorifying their Himalayan adventures which seems fair until ardent one forgets the stress of daily lives and head towards much serene world, a world of magical souvenirs.
  • The highest mountain road is very well celebrated route that you can see the cyclists, bikers, conveyances passing to and fro consecutively. It is doable for even those who never have been to the mountains by just little prudence taken. There are endless stories, experiences of people made this trip a worthwhile excursion, will never stop exploring and following their dreams with inner thoughts desired to achieve a goal. Apart from it pedaling from Manali to Leh reveals all the exhilaration expected by anyone trying an unusual adventurous league, thus how we provide the most possible effort here at Himalayan Adventure Trips to gratify groups from deepest concerns.


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As you know every mountainous excursion demands a precise planning, a planning with adequate pliability of observing and tackling situations, held all as by overcoming mind body and soul throughout the incredible Himalayan journey.

So here are some aspects regarding cycling expedition preparation:

Physically – A cycling trip demands physical endurance muscle power and patience, so preparing for each cycling expedition you should work out a month before joining a program. Build up the adequate strength in your legs by riding 70-100km’s everyday and exercise to boost up your endurance. Because riding on plains are totally different instead riding in the mountains, mountain roads are steep often followed by downhills. Riding 100km in the plains is like riding 10km of mountainous roads. Hence stop smoking if you do and boost up your lungs doing breathing exercises at routine basis two times a day, which will help acclimatize the conditions while being resilient on the trip. Take active part in outdoor games, Yoga and any other cardiac exercises.

Mentally – Mental preparation is a key to success, equally as important as physical training requisite for a cycling expedition. Before joining any cycling trip take pleasure in your daily routines, eat well, take rest properly and relax. Do not stress your mind by unnecessary predictions about the trip. Be with your best friends to get motivated and relax your mind, because pre trip assumptions are not worthy, once you join the cycling expedition and meet with rest of the pack will bring encouragement and excitement amidst. The mental preparedness will build through the entire trip conditions. And the physical drawbacks will affect the mind. So pay close attention to various parts of the body and consciously let them loosen up as you ride. The main key to stay mentally fit is to enjoy the route and not to pressurize the mind.

Technically- Gear up yourself with perfect size cycling shoes and ride with it for long distances. Use good quality helmet, riding gloves, a watch if you have, elbow knee pads, extra tube, puncture kit, led lights, any kind of lube, hydration pack/water bottle and extra brake/gear wires.

Detail Itinerary

Day 1 Arrive at Naggar at the Hotel which is at a height of (1800m.)

Arrive Naggar where you would be greeted by our representative and transferred to hotel. Naggar is an ancient village of Kullu District just before 18 KM of Manali. After arrival spend the day in the surrounding and acclimatize to the high altitude. This is absolutely necessary and is most important for the days ahead. Night halt will be in Hotel.

Day 2 Drive from Manali - Marhi  (36 km)

We will drive by a vehicle to Manali, here on we will make our first start of a long journey.  We will cycle about 36 km to Marhi on a moderate incline mixed with some sheer climbs. The road takes us through exquisite locations abundant in natural beauties. As we ride high in the mountains settlements became fewer and farther apart. The last one before Marhi, Gulaba, is about 20 km away. Marhi is just a cluster of dhabas and camping sites which acts as a comfortable stop over for travelers. Don’t forget to exercise stretch every evening, because it will help strengthen your muscles for long run. We will stay in the tents for the night.

Day 3 Marhi - Sissu via Rohtang La (50 km) (13050 ft)

Today we will cross over Rohtang Pass the first pass of the trip located 16km far from marhi. After the top it is amazing downhill till Koksar, at koksar one has to enter their IDs at the barrier then they can continue riding on a flat terrain. The route further from koksar rides along the Chandra River, vegetable fields villages massive peaks meadows ornamented with scarce vegetation. As we approach towards Sissu the foliage turns rich completing the landscape full of life. Once reached Sissu accommodate yourself in homestay rooms fresh up then take a look around the village or visit the Waterfall nearby. Spend a night in luxurious rooms.

Day 4 Journey from Sissu - Jispa (53 km) 10480 ft)

Leave Sissu early to get an advantage on flat roads accompanied by Chandra River till Tandi, a confluence of the two rivers Chandra and Bhaga. From here we will follow the Bhaga river ahead into the backdrops of Lahoul. After a moderate climb comes the headquarters of the Lahoul and Spiti, Keylong a startling abode lap between parched mountain ranges. The road starts to ascend through pine and juniper trees sometimes offering a glimpse of the Ibex, Blue Sheep’s enroute. The climb gradually turns to a downhill all the way till Jispa. Jispa  is the most loved place on the Manali Leh Highway owning a striking natural exquisiteness. At Jispa we will stay in premises of Mountaineering Institute while camping or in dormitories. Once reached have the refreshment and relax in the grand vistas. One can pay a visit to the Monastery located just few meters away from the campsite. And remember it is the last site of mobile reception, advancing into the valleys will cut all the communications. Nevertheless there are army camps where they own satellite phones and one can urge in contingency to communicate with their loved ones.

Day 5 Jispa - Zing Zing Bar (60 km) (14000 ft)

The striking site is now to be departed into the advancing valley decked with Lakes barren lands. Ride initially on flat roads which are left behind after the last settlement in Darcha. We also leave behind the least vegetation constantly shortening turning into miniature plants towards Deepak Tal at Patseo. The climb is not tough yet gradual rise in the gradient keeps rolling in. After some hours you will be at Deepak Tal lapped alongside the highway between rocky mountains. The water of the lake is so clear that you can see the lucid reflection on the lakes surface. Forward rise in gradient is encountered gradually slowing one to take numerous rests. The roads are blissfully paved and leads tortuously through astonishing sceneries. Zing zing bar is the cluster of temporary Dhabas and rented Shelters open to serve travelers going to and fro. We will make a halt in Zing Zing Bar spending a night in camps.

Day 6 From ZZ Bar - Brandy Nallah via Baralacha La (68 km) (15900 ft)

Today after days of ride we will again cross a pass higher than the previous one. Rise in the gradient keeps consecutively increasing among thinner air testing ones strength to overcome the sheer climbs. While climbing towards Pass another glacial lake comes to view, Suraj Tal, the main source of Bhaga River nestled amid mountains of jagged boulders. The sapphire lake is visible way above from the top dazzling in the mountainous setting. As arrived at Baralacha La the downhill commences descending till the base called Bharatpur a stopover to eat rest sleep. Here we will have our lunch then have some rest and start pedaling on flat roads of sarchu. The vast expanses start to reveal its glorified vista through magnificent settlements of barren and scarce land. The vegetation found onwards shortens to its peers least spurred on places full of fresh water. We will cross a state barrier here at Sarchu leaving Himachal Pradesh behind entering into the Leh Laddakh. We will ride few km’s ahead of Sarchu at the place where we can set our camps. We pitch our tent along to the river often at a place of fresh water called Brandy Nallah. Somehow we will stay in the tents to relax for upcoming challenges.

Day 7 Brandy Nallah-Nakee La - Lachulung La (56 km) (16616 ft- Pang 15100 ft)

Wake up early for the most challenging day of all trip, starting with GATA Loops a 21 hairpin never ending bends followed by distant Nakeela then Lachung La. The initial fatigue comes on this arduous approach to Nakeela through GATA loops. It is the most notorious stretch of bald mountains of scree endorsing sun to scorch someone in devoid of water sources. Even if you have completed the loops Nakeela is vaguely seen. The rise of altitude and gradient slows down the pace of cyclist, somehow you will reach at the top of Nakeela from where you can see the subsequent Pass of Lachungla awaiting to be crossed. At the top of Nakeela you can relieve for some moment because its downhill ahead. The trail leads all the way down to Whisky Nallah again a cluster of Dhabas but in nomadic style tents. The people are humble and honest rich in their cultural values. At this off beat site we will spend some time then pedal on the rough roads to approach Lachungla. After the pass it is all downhill trailing till our next campsite at Pang. At pang you can make calls with the assistance of army personal’s satellite phone if possible at that moment. Halt the night in camps/rooms in Pang.

Day 8 Pang - Debring 15862 ft via More Plains) 52 km

The days ride is shortest of whole trip with a mere 5 km climb followed by about 40 km of More plains. It is a short climb to a vast plateau perched just above Pang. Here on the grand vistas of alpine plateaus emerge valiantly to accompany the riders full of convinced aspirations. The route declines through far stretched valleys surrounding indistinctly to a place called Debring. At Debring we will halt in multishared rooms.

Day 9 Debring - Rumtse 14000 ft via Tanglang la (17582 ft) 46 km

Crossing over the 2nd highest Pass in the world leaves all the sheer climbs behind and conveys into the interesting settlings of Leh ladakh. The route starts with moderate ascend which rises slowly to an arduous lap of climbing towards the top of the pass. Route is so indistinct that one can’t see the most of the curves hiding deep in the leading valleys. Finally after hours of pedal struggle you will somehow make it to the top, in the grand ambience. You can see distant mountain ranges in a 360 degree view while standing at the top. At one side you will see the valleys left behind and on the other road leading close to your destination. Once absconded from passes gusty winds it’s a dangerous downhill ride till the base of the mountain, so one has to be careful at highest conscience often results in an incredible riding manner. Great roads make it easy to cover longer distances, though we will reach Rumste almost by the afternoon. Route covered today is a fun ride besides climbing the Pass on a beautifully paved roads leading to a village refreshing one with dwellings through civilizations after days of isolation. It often feels great when one reaches back into people even if in a strange countryside. Here at Rumste we will halt in the Home Stay rooms spending the evening leisurely.

Day 10 Rumtse - Leh (11482 ft) 76 km

It is the finale of the striking trip defining landscapes so vast around flatlands and one of the blissful roads on heavenly lands. As we pedal ahead road is accompanied by least greenery found on lower dwellings supporting the landscape balance between desert and oasis. During the ride we will reach at a place called Upshi where Indus River gives its first sight.  Enroute multiple hamlets start to appear robustly to astonish the viewers passing by.  Soon we will encounter some of the ancient Buddhist structures in the form of monasteries, Forts, Stupas etc. The distance is long today, longer than the rest of the rides but the gradient is flat assisting one to cover most of track in mere hours. In couple of hours we will be in Leh city cycling toward our halt for the night. The hotel is reached often by the evening, once accommodated you can wander around in markets of the Mall in Leh or can visit the Leh Palace. Hence you will be gratified by you own efforts to overcome circumstances which eventually results into the joy at its pinnacle.

Day 11 Departure from the Leh

Now it’s time to break up the league and say goodbye to all of the amazing people leaving to their destinations.  Today our staff and vehicles will drive back to Manali , so any luggage or belongings put in the back up vehicle should be recovered by the participant before departing.

How To Reach

Distance by road:-

Manali is easily accessible from Delhi. Take an overnight bus from Delhi to Manali and you'll be there in 12 to 14 hours (approx 540 KMS). Tickets can be purchased online through or Because the journey from Delhi to Manali is long, most Volvo private buses depart from Delhi between 5 and 8 p.m. The last government bus departs from ISBT Kashmere Gate at 8.30 p.m. From Delhi to Manali, Volvo buses charge between Rs.1,200 and Rs.1,800 per sector. From Manali to Delhi: Buses from Manali to Delhi leave between 4 and 8 p.m., just like the onward voyage. Your estimated arrival time in Delhi will be between 6 and 10 a.m. Plan your subsequent excursions with a buffer in case of a bus delay.

How to reach Naggar:

Naggar is 18 kilometres from Manali, and there are many buses running every 15 minutes. Alternatively, one can get out at Patlikuhal, which is 5 kilometres away on the right bank highway. Patlikuhal is located between Kullu and Manali. To get to Naggar, you can take a taxi or a local bus from Manali or Patlikuhal.

Nearest Railway Station:

Ambala (350 miles) and Chandigarh (450 km) are the closest railway stations (310 kms).

Note: In the evening, regular Volvo and bus services run from Chandigarh to Manali. From Chandigarh to Manali, Volvo buses charge between Rs.800 and Rs.1,200 every sector.

Nearest Airport:-

The nearest airport is Bhuntar, which is 52 kilometres distant from Manali. Taxis are accessible from Bhuntar to Manali for around Rs.1500 to Rs.2,500. Bhuntar is well-connected by air to Delhi. Indian Airlines, Kingfisher Airlines, MDLR Airlines, and Jagson Airlines operate flights from Delhi and Chandigarh to Kullu.

Things To Pack

Shoes: .You can buy a proper cycling shoe or can carry sports shoes. Sports shoes are light and breathable which is convenient during the ride, a pair of Flip Flops worn at the campsite.

Clothing: Warm garments, such as three-layer coats, fleece, or down feather jackets, are required. Carry one or two full-sleeved t-shirts. Carry cotton and trek pants ideal for trekking for your lowers. For trekking, do not bring jeans or shorts.

Thermals: Keep top and bottom thermals on hand.

Socks: Bring two or three pairs of sports socks, as well as woollen socks to wear at night.

A headlamp/led torch is required.

Sunglasses: To protect yourself from the sun in the snow, you should use UV-protected sunglasses.

Woolen hats and gloves are also recommended due to the cold weather. Carry waterproof gloves because they will become wet in the snow.

Lunchbox & Water Bottle: Each participant should bring their own lunch box, spoon, and water bottle.

Raincoats/ponchos: Snowfall and rain are prevalent at high altitudes, and it is important to carry a poncho to avoid getting wet.

Documents Required:

a) Registration Form
b) Medical Certificate (signed by a registered MBBS doctor)
c) NOC form (by trekker)
d) 2 Passport size photos
e) Photocopy of Valid I.D. (PAN is not allowed)


  • Highly advanced & Skilled Mountain biking guide from Himalayan Adventure Trips, who has ample knowledge of the route.
  • Logistics vehicle to carry all our equipment.
  • Backup vehicle will be provided.
  • Mechanic for any basic problems.
  • Basic tools for Mountain bike.
  • Vegetarian meals on the trip (Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner)
  • Cooks/Helper and other requisite staff.
  • Tents on a shared basis / Sleeping bags / Sleeping Mats
  • Basic medical supplies, such as oxygen cylinders, a basic first aid kit, a pulse oximeter, a blood pressure monitor, and so on, will be transported along the route.
  • Tented accommodation will be on a three or four sharing basis, while home stays will be in groups depending on availability, and hotel stays will be on a triple sharing basis.
  • Forest Permits, wild life fees and camping charges.
  • Completions Certificate.
  • Mountain Bikes and Helmet.
  • Any personal expenses, such as tips, phone calls, and so on.Personal insurance or cost of an emergency evacuation.
  • Personal purchases (such as mineral water bottles/bottled or canned beverages/chocolates/dry fruits, etc.)
  • Food to/from the trail head.
  • Any damage to the cycle or the need for a part replacement will be charged extra.
  • Renting cycles/bikes in Manali would cost up to cycles/bikes back to Manali.
  • Participants are responsible for their own food and lodging at the Leh hotel, which is provided by Himalayan Adventure Trips.
  • Please bring extra tubes and spare parts for bikes; a mechanic will be provided by us.
  • GST of 5%.


10 Nights / 11 Days

Tour's Location

Manali, Himachal Pradesh


Frequently Asks Questions:-
When is the best time to go on a cycling expedition in Manali and Leh?
Answer: The best time to cycle between Manali and Leh is from June to September. Monsoon seasons should be avoided.

Will I be capable of completing it?
Yes, anyone with average physical fitness can complete this trip. All that is required is frequent pedalling practise. Every day, ride lengthy distances and uphill climbs to become adjusted to the gradient variation.

What kind of physical condition is required for this trip?
Physical fitness is required for the excursion. Anyone with less cycling experience must work harder than experienced riders. However, this fitness can be obtained by training or exercising on a regular basis before to the trip.

What is the maximum age for this trip?
Answer: Anyone above the age of 18 is welcome to join this tour. However, if a child is skilled at cycling, he or she may participate.

How can I get ready for the trip?
Answer: Because this tour will take you across some of the world's highest motorable mountain passes, you should be prepared to cycle at such high altitudes. A reasonable level of stamina and fitness is required. Learn how to troubleshoot cycle-related issues on your own. If you are unsure, you can pedal shorter distances to prepare for the excursion.

How cold will it be during the tour?
Answer: The temperature will be around 20 degrees during the day and 10-4 degrees at night.

How far must we pedal each day?

The ride will differ depending on the terrain and incline. The longest ride on the tour will bike roughly 80 kilometres, while the shortest will be 40 kilometres. So one must ride an average of 60-70 km per day.

What kind of clothing should I bring?

Warm and appropriate riding clothing, such as dry fit light bottoms with dry fit shirts, shorts, fleece jackets, down feather jackets, poncho, woollen socks, slippers, extra pair of shoes, woollen caps, cycling gloves, woollen gloves, underwear.

What kind of bike and equipment are required for the trip?

Answer: For the trip, a mountain bike with minimal features will suffice. A bike with front suspension and a wide range of gears will aid in the ascent. The appropriate frame size can be chosen. A 60-liter rucksack, good cycling shoes, elbow and knee protection, water bottles, a helmet, and sunglasses are required.

Is it possible to rent a bike in Manali?

Yes, you can rent a bicycle. We have a number of Scott 670 bikes available for lease. You can inquire with our staff about renting a bike.

Is it necessary for me to carry bike spare parts?

Yes, you can transport a few spare parts like as spare tubes, gear and brake cables, brake shoes or disc pads.

What if my bike breaks down on the way?

Answer: If someone's bike breaks down en route, it will be repaired by our experienced mechanic, who will be riding in the backup car. If the problem is beyond repair, we will have one extra bike with us, which we will provide to you. If this bike is also being utilised, one can jump into the backup vehicle.

How much weight am I need to carry?

Answer: You only need to bring water and a small bag including a poncho and a jacket. Your luggage will be transported in a luggage van. Our backup car will provide you with refreshments in between rides.

Is it necessary for me to carry medications?

Answer: Yes, you have to carry the medications as required. If you have previously taken medications, consult your doctor. If not, add some simple cold, joint pain balms, headache, stomach, and indigestion drugs. We will also have a full supply of medicine, as well as oximeters and oxygen cylinders.

What type of meals will be served on the trip?

Answer: During the tour, vegetarian food will be supplied. Meals with high nutritional value, fruits, and safe drinking water will be given.

What would the size of a group be?

Answer: The group will consist of 10-30 members. They will be given appropriate lodgings. Females will only share the tent with other females.

Can I drink and smoke during the trip?

No, you are not permitted to smoke or use alcohol throughout the tour. If such items are discovered, the contestant will be disqualified. It is prohibited to smoke or consume alcohol.

Is there going to be any cellphone connectivity?

Answer: Mobile networks will be found on the way to Sarchu. After Sarchu, the state of J&K begins, where one must have a postpaid network or use STDs and satellite phones.

What if I don't want to sleep in tents or consume the given food?

Answer: There are numerous rest stops and shops along the road that sell a variety of foods. If you want to dine at a stall or stay in a hotel, you can at your expense.


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The Trekking adventure tours in Indian Himalaya

Nagarjun s

Incredible India with Mesmerising mountains.. enjoyed throughout expedition & conquered all the mountains passes
The Trekking adventure tours in Indian Himalaya

kailash kumar jain

Trip under the leadership of HAT Team was very well organized., no complaints about food , back up car, quality of rented cycles , etc
The Trekking adventure tours in Indian Himalaya


WHAT TO SAY????????......... we did this tour in the month of sep 2020 and was really a wonderful experience, cycling through the small villages, hills and alpine forest with lots of slush, fog, rain, cold weather, waterfalls along with great new friends...So this was our 2nd cycling trip with HAT and as usual the team of HAT of organizer was caring and helping through out the ride.....Accommodation was neat caring and relaxing with delicious food...... cycles were in good condition and were serviced almost every day...
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The Trekking adventure tours in Indian Himalaya

Kishor Girdhar

I like your caycling trip plan .this is hailltytut adventure very informative tips .tray &plan my this gol .thanks
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