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Naggar, Manali Himachal Pradesh


2 Night / 3 Days

Tour Type

Specific Tour

Group Size

15 people


English, Hindi



  • Cycling is the ideal mode of transportation for getting close to nature. It connects you to everything, providing a full experience that brings you considerably closer to the nature of various terrains. Riding along hilly paths while exposed to the climate of wind and rain provides a lot more spontaneous experience. It will be a big effort to conserve and appreciate environment by riding the mountains in an eco-friendly manner that causes the least amount of harm. The most scenic cycling trail in the valley runs from Naggar to Bijli Mahadev, passing through rural villages and abundant forest lands. It completes all types of trailing and can be done at any time of year. The cycling path traverses every region, from pavement to bumpy roads, villages to rainforest, lowlands to the alpine peak, culminating at Bijli Mahadev. The journey to Bijli Mahadev begins in Naggar and continues to Jana. After Jana, the path is completely rocky until we reach the Bijli Mahadev Temple. The trail provides beautiful scenery that is well appreciated by travellers, cyclists, and bikers who pass through it.
  • There are various locations in between where one can unwind in the midst of pristine nature. Matikochar is a magnificent wide meadow after a deep forest trail near the halfway point of the trek. It is the location of stunning valley vistas visible below, as well as the sparkling Beas River winding its way tortuously to the lowlands. From here, we'll continuing riding the steady climbs, which will be followed by moderate terrain. The walk passes through the Kais Wildlife Sanctuary, where one can see various wild animals roaming around. As we go closer to the 16 tank campsite, the forest density increases and decreases with each kilometre. The journey comes to a finish at Bijli Mahadev, a strong pilgrimage. It is claimed that the Shivling inside the temple attracts all of the deadly thunder strikes that have landed in the valley. The Shivling takes the entire stroke and shatters into pieces, which are later moulded and bonded together by using butter as an adhesive. The temple is perched on top of a mountain range, providing a spectacular 360-degree view. We bike back the same path, stopping at strategic rest stops. A few kilometres of modest climbing will lead to a whole downhill trail all the way to Naggar. The route is finished by the evening, and then we may relax at our hotel.


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Preparation for Bijli Mahadev cycling

As you know every mountainous excursion demands a precise planning, a planning with adequate pliability of observing and tackling situations, held all as by overcoming mind body and soul throughout the incredible Himalayan journey.

So here are some aspects regarding Cycling Trip preparation:

Physically – A cycling trip demands physical endurance muscle power and patience, so preparing for each cycling expedition you should work out a month before joining a program. Build up the adequate strength in your legs by riding 70-100km’s everyday and exercise to boost up your endurance. Because riding on plains are totally different instead riding in the mountains, mountain roads are steep often followed by downhill's. Riding 100km in the plains is like riding 10km of mountainous roads. Hence stop smoking if you do and boost up your lungs doing breathing exercises at routine basis two times a day, which will help acclimatize the conditions while being resilient on the trip. Take active part in outdoor games, Yoga and any other cardiac exercises.

Mentally – Mental preparation is a key to success, equally as important as physical training requisite for a cycling expedition. Before joining any cycling trip take pleasure in your daily routines, eat well, take rest properly and relax. Do not stress your mind by unnecessary predictions about the trip. Be with your best friends to get motivated and relax your mind, because pre trip assumptions are not worthy, once you join the cycling expedition and meet with rest of the pack will bring encouragement and excitement amidst. The mental preparedness will build through the entire trip conditions. And the physical drawbacks will affect the mind. So pay close attention to various parts of the body and consciously let them loosen up as you ride. The main key to stay mentally fit is to enjoy the route and not to pressurize the mind.

Technically- Gear up yourself with perfect size cycling shoes and ride with it for long distances. Use good quality helmet, riding gloves, a watch if you have, elbow knee pads, extra tube, puncture kit, led lights, any kind of lube, hydration pack/water bottle and extra brake/gear wires.

Detail Itinerary of Bijli Mahadev cycling

Day 1: Arrive Naggar (1800m.) – Vyasar (2100m.)- Naggar

Arrive at Naggar at Hotel Journey Casa early in the morning, then check in and begin riding towards the right side of the river valley. We'll ride along the left bank of the Beas till we reach raison. We will cross a bridge, then turn left and ride for a few metres before turning left again and following the route through the arroyo. The road is quite steep and surrounded by magnificent nature. We'll ride across the countryside, passing via some of the villages along the way. Soon after, a massive iron bridge will appear where we will turn left; farther on, the lone road heading to Vyasar will appear. After this bridge, the route continues to climb, requiring one's strength to push harder and higher than ever before. The route puts the cyclist to the test in terms of endurance for the forthcoming trail. We will hike to Vyasar village, have lunch, relax, and then hike back to Naggar along the same route. The road ascends higher, revealing far-reaching valley views seen nowhere else than on this walk. The majority of downhills and mild terrains are followed by easy retrieval. We'll probably arrive at Naggar in the evening. After supper, freshen yourself, enjoy your refreshment, and rest for the night.

Day 2: Naggar – Jana (2200 metres) - 16 tanks (2350m.)

Today is the most amazing day of the course, with various terrains followed by the least amount of tarmac and overall difficult roads. We begin by riding on flat terrain through dense jungles of Pine Deodar trees. The route's grade gradually increases, tiring one out with seemingly unending climbs. En route, the ascending road offers a path up wide valley view's lonely settlements. We arrive in Jana after 2-3 hours of climbing, a well-populated historic community rich in traditional architecture and customs. We'll relax at Jana Fall before continuing on the hard road. The route returns to the untamed woodlands, this time through heavy canopies that toy with one's vision. The road is buried amid dense woods and is not visible from any position. It winds through the valleys, opening and closing the vast vistas of the surrounding mountains. In midway, we arrive at Matikochhar, an alpine pasture surrounded by wild trees with stunning views in front. After that, we return to the forest via streams and dusty paths. While travelling further from Matikochar, there is a water filling station, a final ascent upwards, and entire downhills till you reach 16 Tanks. As we approach the Kais wildlife refuge, the foliage becomes thicker. We'll be at the campsite by the evening. We'll have some hot drinks and relax afterwards. We'll build a fire and eat our dinner next to it at night. For the rest of the day, we'll be confined to tents. We'll build a fire and eat our dinner next to it at night. For the rest of the day, we'll be confined to tents.

Day 3: 16 Tanks – Bijli Mahadev (2500m.) – Naggar

Get up early to catch a magnificent sunrise over the Bijli Mahadev Temple. Take your bike and ride 3 kilometres of flat off-road through the forest. As we move closer to Bijli Mahadev's meadows, the woods will begin to recede. Once the vegetation has been reduced to tiny size, the temple becomes visible. As we travel over the crest, we have a 360-degree panorama of snow-capped mountains. The densely populated valley of Kullu Manali is escorted by two huge peaks, with the Beas river running serenely in between.

How To Reach

How to Reach Manali

Distance by road:-

Manali is well connected to Delhi. Take an overnight bus from Delhi and you will reach Manali in 12 ? 14 hours(approx 540 KMS). Tickets can be booked online at or Tip : Since Delhi Manali is a long journey most Volvo private buses leave Delhi between 5 pm and 6 pm. The last govt bus leaves at 8.30 pm from ISBT Kashmere Gate. Volvo buses charge between Rs.1,000 to 1,400 per sector from Delhi to Manali and vice versa. Manali to Delhi: Like the onward journey, buses leave from Manali to Delhi between 4 and 5 p.m. Your tentative arrival at Delhi may be anywhere between 6 a.m. and 10 a.m. Plan your onward journeys only post noon giving enough buffer for bus delay.

How to reach Naggar:

From Manali, Naggar is 18 km. far and there are multiple buses running in every 15 minutes or one can get off at Patlikuhal which is 5 km. far from Naggar on the right bank highway. Patlikuhal lies in between of Kullu Manali. You can club a taxi or travel by a local transport from Manali or Patlikuhal to approach Naggar.

Nearest Railway Station:-

Nearest Railway station is Ambala (350 kms) and Chandigarh (310 kms). Tip: Regular Volvo and Buses are available from Chandigarh to Manali in the evening. Volvo buses charge between Rs.800 to Rs.1,200 per sector from Chandigarh to Manali and vice versa.

Nearest Airport:-

Nearest Airport is Bhuntar is 60 Kms. ?Bhuntar, which is 52 km away from Manali, is the nearest airport. Taxi services are available from Bhuntar to Manali, which costs about Rs.1000? Rs.2,000. Bhuntar is well connected to Delhi by air. The airliners that take you to this Airport are Indian Airlines, Kingfisher airlines, MDLR Airlines and Jagson Airlines, operating flights from Delhi and Chandigarh to Kullu.

Things To Pack

Shoes: .You can buy a proper cycling shoe or can carry sport shoes. Sport shoes are light and breathable which is convenient during the ride, a pair of Flip Flops worn at the campsite.

Clothing: Bring cycling shorts, sweat proof t shirts, a fleece, Down feather jacket,  Cap, Hat, Cycling Gloves, underwear.

Sanitary: A sunscreen containing SPF 30, Sun scream cream, Lip balm, Cold cream, Moisturizer, Body lotion,Hand Sanitizers, Toilet Papers, Wipes, Antibacterial powder, tooth brush & toothpaste, Quick dry towel. toiletries etc.

Socks: Carry 1 - 2 pair of sports socks along with woolen socks to be worn at night.

Headlamp/Led Torch are mandatory

Sunglasses: Bring UV protected sunglasses used during rides.

Lunchbox & Water bottle: Every participant should carry lunch box and water bottle or Hydration Pack of their own.Garbage Bag /  Plastic Bags,

Raincoat/Ponchos: At high altitudes, snowfall and rain are quite common and it’s mandatory to carry a poncho so that one doesn’t get wet during rides.

Cycling Gear: Extra Tube, puncture kit, helmet, head lamp, Hydration pack, elbow and knee pads.

Day Pack: with watre proof cover. 25 to 30 ltr.

Electronics: Camera (optional), USB Cable/USB Solar charger, Charger / Earphones,

Energetic dry ration: Chocolate Bars, Lemon Bars, Gels, Dry fruits,

Mandatory Documents:
a)Registration Form
b)Medical Certificate (signed by a registered MBBS doctor)
c)NOC form (by trekker)
d) 2 Passport size photo
e) Photocopy of Valid id proof (PAN is not allowed)


  • Highly advanced & Skilled Mountain biking guide from Himalayan Adventure Trips, who has ample knowledge of the route.
  • Logistics vehicle to carry all our equipment.
  • Backup vehicle will be provided.
  • Mechanic for any basic problems.
  • Basic tools for Mountain bike.
  • Vegetarian meals on the trip (Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner)
  • Cooks/Helper and other requisite staff.
  • Equipment's – Tents on sharing basis / Sleeping bags / Sleeping Mats
  • Basic medical aid will be carried along in the route such as Oxygen Cylinders, Basic First Aid kit, Pulse Oximeter, BP Monitor, etc.
  • Tented accommodation will be on three or four sharing basis, home stay will be in group as per availability, in hotel stay it will be on triple sharing basis.
  • Forest Permits, wild life fees and camping charges.
  • Completions Certificate.
  • Mountain Bikes and Helmet.
  • Any expenses of personal nature, tips, phone etc.
  • Personal insurance or cost of emergency evacuation.
  • Purchases of personal natures (like mineral water bottles/bottled or canned beverages/chocolates/dry fruits etc.)
  • Food to/from the trail head.
  • Any damage in cycle or change of parts required will be charged extra.
  • Rent for cycles would be from Rs. 500/- per day to Rs.800/- per day depends of brand of cycle.
  • Rent for cycles/ bike would fetch cost up to cycles/ bikes returning to Manali.
  • Please Carry Extra tubes, Extra spares for cycles; Mechanic for the same will be from our side.
  • GST of 5%.


2 Night / 3 Days

Tour's Location

Naggar, Manali Himachal Pradesh


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Very Good
The Trekking adventure tours in Indian Himalaya


It was a wonderful experience with your team specially Maninder and his team was like the person we were needing as our Cycle trip leader !! The bike support was also good and Maninder and his team was the one who was handling the situation pretty well 👍👍I would definitely suggest to my friends and family !! Thank you team just HAT for making it wonderful and memorable MANALI CYCLE TRIP 👍 Kudos
The Trekking adventure tours in Indian Himalaya

Maikel S

I've had a great experience with HAT.Besides the amazing route we have cycled, i consider the guides as super professional. They took really care of is, starting with yoga (breathing) and after each day ending with stretching and very good food! The cycle had decent quality. I would highly recommend this expedition with HAT and in the future i certainly attend a new expedition they offer.
The Trekking adventure tours in Indian Himalaya

Tushar Manglani

A well organised trip with an experienced leaders...great support team and awesome food (घर जैसा खाना)....The leader was well versed with the route and the HAT crew was friendly..... Timely refreshments were also provided during rides and post rides.....Overall one should prefer HAT
The Trekking adventure tours in Indian Himalaya



bijli mahadev cycling

cycling in Snow and snow Camping was perfectly organized by HAT. We were a group of 15 people from Kerala and came for some off road cycling with Snow camping. We had an awesome experience in the woods , location can't be any better and food was also freshly prepared for us. Tea was served as we wanted which is really good for us in cold. Thanks team Himalayan Adventure Trips
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