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PRICE - ₹ 52000.00   ₹ 41600.00


Detailed Itinerary
Things to Pack
How to Reach
Inclusion and Exclusion
Why Choose HAT..?


Riding on the world’s highest road over multiple high passes crossing immense plateaus striking landscapes azure skies all seen in one journey to Leh Ladakh. This epic journey brings out the ultimate joyous into someone’s boredom and turns it into an enthralling event. This trip is vast stretched as remote as to the china border, covering more than thousand Km’s of distance from Manali to Manali. The route gives all the pleasures of riding on gritty trails, tarmac, rough roads, winding climbs, sheer downhills and on elongated flat terrains. It passes through the most primitive villages, ancient monuments, 700 years old monasteries and a robust culture situated throughout the trip. This trip takes one to the Nubra valley one of the fascinating backdrops of Ladakh region and to remote Pangong Lake extending distantly into the China. The trip keeps rolling as there are no breaks or rests in between the itineraries so you are constantly changing the destinations. It presents all the challenges hardships turning into a worthwhile experience. The trip goes through the route where network couldn’t be found making an individual fell free from daily hustle and focus enjoying the ride. One has to be careful while riding mountainous roads it could turn any happy moment to major casualty so try not to go fast instead enjoy the cruise and glimpses the incredible Nature. 

Day 1 | Manali
Day 2 | Manali - keylong/Jispa
Day 3 | keylong/Jispa - Leh
Day 4 | Leh
Day 5 | Leh - Nubra Valley
Day 6 | Nubra Valley - Pangong Lake
Day 7 | Pangong Lake - Leh
Day 8 |Leh - Sarchu
Day 9|Sarchu - Manali
Day 10|Departure

Day 1: Arrival at Manali(1800m).

Arrive Manali at Hotel, here you will meet our representatives. You will be briefed about the further programs that how to ride on high altitude, sharp curves and road safety, after the short briefing you will be given bikes and one can have  a short ride to get familiar with it. It is necessary to get familiar with the bike which you will be riding along for 10 days. Later you will be halted in Hotel rooms.

Day 2: Manali (6725ft.) – Jispa (10500ft.) (150km)

Today our ride to the seclusion starts initially from the abundant valleys of Kullu Manali. It goes above Marhi to Rohtang pass and downhills to Koksar. Then the smooth ride goes through Keylong to Jespa. The isolation could be felt after entering into the Lahoul Valley. The landscape changes into harsh and barren inconsistently showing up the greenery. Wherever the inhabitation held greenery is found at its least becoming an oasis in between desolation. We will reach Jespa almost by the afternoon and will stay in camps.

Day 3: Jespa – Baralacha la (16500ft.) - Sarchu (14070ft.) –  Nakee la (15540ft.) – Lachung la ( 16600ft.) – Tanglang la (17500ft.) - Leh  (11480) (325km) 

Our first glimpse of the most snowy Pass will be today at Baralacha la. The pass receives huge amount of snow huge than any of the further high Passes. It is the pass which divides the heavy snowfall area to the dry deserts of Ladakh. The approach to the Bara la cha la pass is tough in the sense of height gain which could occur as a first experience of altitude sickness. It is at the height of 16500ft. a decent mark to catch someone with AMS. Nevertheless drink a lot of water and relax because there are higher passes to negotiate. After the Pass it is downhill ride till Bharatpur a cluster of Dhabas where one can have a cup of tea or eat Maggi. Further the road goes on the plateaus of Sarchu. These grand flatlands will strike one amazingly throughout the ride. It is the start of such plateaus more to come on upcoming days. It will be a fun ride till Sarchu.  The vast flatlands offer grand vistas of the valley throughout the day and night.

It is a challenging day full of high passes long roads yet stunning landscapes of vast plateaus. First we will cross 1 barrier at each side  between Himachal and Ladakh, once we have crossed the river at Sarchu we will enter into the Ladakh region. The roads are blissfully paved leading to the arduous Gata Loops. The scenery remains as it was earlier no major change comes into it yet becomes more arid and harsh. Riding on the 21 hairpin bends to Nakee la would bring an exceptional joy amongst riders. As much as high we ride the air gets thinner and thinner causing Nausea headache or so on. There is no need to worry we have all the medications requisite for any kind of sickness. Once reached Nakee la one can see the Whisky Nallah at the base and Lachung la standing ahead to negotiate. We will downhill rest for some time at Whisky Nallah and ride towards days last pass Lachung la. After Lachung la it is all downhill till Pang then a short hike upwards to the grand More Plains, known for its enormous flatlands. The flatland covers about 40 km and keeps bringing the same road until we reach below the Tanglang la. It is the second highest Pass at 17500ft. in the world. We will take some pics and ride downwards into the first sites of inhabitation. The road is very smooth and will not take so much time to reach Leh city. We will reach Leh by the evening. Here we will shift to a hotel and fresh n up. One can visit around the mall road or go to nearby markets in the evening. Night stay will be in the hotels.

Day 4: Rest and Acclimatization Day at Leh


Day 5: Leh – Khardung la (1850ft.) - Nubra Valley (160km)

Get ready for an exciting day of your life to ride over worlds highest motorable Pass Khardung la locating at 18480ft. and to the most beautiful place of Ladakh region, the Nubra valley. It is the greenest lands in Ladakh filled with least foliage. It is also the coldest desert in the region and will take the whole day to complete the distance. The road is mostly rough taking a bit more time to complete the ride. Diskit is the capital of Nubra valley and beholds a 32m Maitrya Bhaddha statue, a landmark of the valley. The valley owns many of the ancient monasteries and a hot spring in Panamik. We will reach by the evening and halt a night in the camping site. 

Day 6: Nubra – Pangong Lake (14000ft.) (270km)

It is time to visit the dazzling lake stretching as far as from India to China. The pangong lake is frequented by numerous travelers and explorers each year. The road toward Pangong lake is rough on sand gravel and stones. It takes about 4-5 hours of ride to complete the route. The road passes the Shey Gya ad some of the primitive villages. It is the sensitive border area that one may find many of the army personals en route. We will reach the lake by the evening and will spend some quality time in the vicinity of the lake. After it retrieve back to the camps situated near to the lake and halt for the night.  

Day 7: Pangong Lake – Leh (11480ft.) (150km)

After having visited one of the celebrated sites of incredible Ladakh we return back over Chang La to Leh. It will also take whole day to reach Leh. Night halt will be in the hotel rooms.

Day 8: Leh – Sarchu (14070ft.) (215km)

Ride back to Sarchu via same route. Returning back will again astonish you through the mindblowing sceneries. As approached at Sarchu halt in the camps amidst striking flatlands. 

Day 9: Sarchu – Manali (270km)

This must be the tiring day of entire trip riding for almost 300km’s. So we have to start as early as we can. We will reach our destination almost by the evening in Naggar. Night halt will be in Hotel rooms.

Day 10: Departure.

After breakfast pack up all your stuff and get ready to bid adieu. Depart taking back sweet memories.



1. In case of any unforeseen events during the course of the tour, at the decision of the Road Captain, required changes would be made, riders and pillions are requested to corporate at such given situations, if any.
2. The sequence of day tour schedules may change depending on traffic schedule / restrictions on some roads and other travel-related conditions, or due to any natural calamities.

3. If there is an unprecedented increase in the cost of transportation (including fuel surcharge) or accommodation, there will be an additional cost charged to the traveler.
4. The Services of Back up Vehicle is not included on leisure days & post finishing the sightseeing tour as per the Itinerary.
5. In case of any damage to the bike by the rider or pillion knowingly or unknowingly or due to accident, the damage cost will be charged to the respective individual as decided by the mechanical team / Road Captain.
6. Only Backpack and rucksacks are allowed, travelers carrying any other luggage like suitcase or trolley bags will be asked to leave the same behind.
7. Himalayan Adventure Trips reserves the right to change the itinerary at any given point and the same shall be applicable and conveyed to travelers accordingly.

Things to Pack for a Bike Trip:

Start preparing yourself with a precise packing of things depending on the area where you are going to visit. If you are going to the plains then you won’t have so much to pack but if you are strolling to the Mountainous Region it requires proper preparation to avoid any distress presented by the uncertain weather or any kind of adverse situation. Although this trip is held in a mountainous region, you have to prepare well to tackle all gritty long rides, high passes, barren lands and ultimately the seclusion to the logical contentment. On this tour the rider is totally exposed to the fierce nature if unprepared the person will be helpless at times so here are some of the things you should set before you leave for a trip:

Clothing: The Himalayan region is mostly cold even in the summers. So adequate clothing is a key factor making your trip comfortable even if it gets rainy, snow or chilly. A Himalayan trip requires mixed clothing of woolens water resistant jackets and dry fits shirts. Woolens will save you from cold water proof jackets will protect from heavy rainfalls and dry fits will help not stink while busy touring days on road and will dry faster than any material. You can also bring a Downfeather Jacket in case weather treats harsh and solidifying.  You have to bring 3-4 dry fit shirts (short sleeve for warm weather trips, long sleeve for cold weather trips) 1 pair of jeans, something to sleep in (gym-style pants or shorts) 2-3 pairs of underwear, 1 Feather jacket, 1 Ponchu, 3-4 pairs socks, 1-2 pair woolen socks, 1-2 fleece, 2 trousers, warm pants and a Hoodie.

Biking Gear: For a safe ride there are numerous brands making biking suit with rugged material. These suits are tough and give you perfect protection whenever you fall or get dragged by a fall on the gritty roads. Along to it a good quality Helmet and a decent biking shoe for this extreme trip. 

Helmet: as you are going into the grittiest roads of the world you will be needed a rugged Helmet, strong enough to endure the impact if any unfortunate mishap occurs.

Backpack: A spacious Backpack is requisite to put your entire luggage into one sack. The sack should be above 50ltrs of any leading brand with maximum space and waterproof quality. There must be multiple pockets in your bag to get an advantage of placing as many things as it could. 

Gloves: You should have two pairs of gloves with warm and waterproof qualities. One will be worn like inner which consists of warm thinner material and the other worn as a waterproof outer while riding a bike or travelling at high altitudes. Thinner glove helps you operate the camera or phone without getting bald handed on a windy pass and the waterproof outer protects you from rain snow and freezing cold winds. So you should buy any good quality Gloves to make your ride a great experience.  

Cap: One can carry Hat or a dry fit cap to avoid direct sunlight, because at the high altitudes sun is sharp and weather oscillates the atmosphere to too warm and too cold in just mere seconds. Therefore you can bring a balaclava to protect head from cold and windy days. The sunlight at high altitudes burns your skin, so you need a cover to protect soft skin from tanning and chapping.  

Sunglasses: Sunglasses are requisite part of any trip to protect eyes from dust and sharp daylight. You can buy a UV protected sunglass of any decent brand to gasp every bit of the trip without stressing your eyes.  

Scarf/Muffler: If you are going to a cold region you must carry scarf/muffler to wrap your neck from freezing cold winds.

Shoes/Slippers: You can buy a genuine biking shoe as preferred for the ride or just buy a tough shoe which will endure all the rustic terrains during the extreme rides. The shoes should be waterproof though the route consists of multiple river crossings off roads. Along to it don’t forget to pack flip flops in your backpack. It will be handy when one is soothing at the halt. 

Bungie Cords/Slings: The Bungie cords or normal slings could be useful to tighten your luggage on the bike. It will be helpful for any other tightening purposes too. 

Medicines: As this trip is done in the high altitudes where finding medications would a hard task, so one can carry some of the basic medicines for Headache, Stomache, Cold, Fever, Cough, Glucose, ORS, Electral, Spray/Balm for joint pains, Lighter or Matchbox, Band Aid, Dettol, Antiseptic cream, Crepe Bandage, Nasal drops for a blocked nose and so on the requirements. You can put some Diamox tablets in case you think needed later while crossing over high passes. If you have any prior health related ailments please consult your doctor before leaving for the trip. It is always good to have the medications to avoid basic illnesses at such remote places. One more efficient thing you can carry is mustard oil it is full of properties often beneficial at high altitudes. The massage or rubbing of the mustard oil gives warmth eases stress if rubbed on soles, massaged on head relieves cold and rubbed on muscles and whole body kills fatigue. It beholds the primitive way of treating minor ailments. So put a small bottle of mustard oil and massage each day before going to sleep.

Documents/ID proofs:  D/L, AADHAR, Voters ID, Passport, Medical Form certified by recognized Doctor, copies of flight tickets, any hotel reservation slips, passport photos and a Medical or travel insurance if any. There are numerous check posts barriers where one has to show his ID, so don’t forget to put one along with you. And medical certificates are compulsory as you are riding on the worlds highest roads.

Electronics: The electronics have become vital in our daily lives though we can’t go without it anywhere whether it is a phone, camera, chargers, extra batteries, spare memory cards, power bank, earphones, head torch, kindle etc. All these things can be opted as per the requirements. There are several stopovers during this trip where one can charge their electronics and keep using them throughout.

Toiletries/Sundries: Toilet Paper, Hand sanitizer, Shampoo and Conditioner, Shower gel/Bar soap, Toothbrush and Toothpaste/Mouth wash, Lotion, cold cream, Lip Balm, Sunscreen SPF 50, Deodorant, Razor. 

Cash/ATM: One has to carry some cash during the trip although there are no ATM’s in between the route and even in Leh it is hard to find one. So you can carry some money as according to your daily expenditures before we leave from Manali. One might get ATM at Keylong but possibilities are low relying on it just get all needed cash from Manali and ride with ease.  

Water: The water consumed during trip comes from regular drinking water of tap or streams flowing from glacial sources. If you are not tolerable to the regular drinking water you can drink mineral water. But we recommend you to drink regular water it helps acclimatize faster and is full of minerals. 

Edibles: You can bring some dry fruits, biscuits, chocolates, packed food along with you. You can eat such things instantly while feeling hungry at intervals.   

Bike Tools: It is good to carry your own tools while on the ride. It is always helpful in minor problems occurred during the bike tour. One can fix any breakdowns if it is possible at that moment. Without tools on such isolated terrains one could get stuck for hours or days.

Communication: The network on the route will be inconsistent after Manali and we may find reception at intervals till Sarchu. But when we enter into the Ladakh no prepaid simcards will work only prepaid customers will be able to make calls. So we recommend you to make any urgent calls before the network vanishes.

Note: All the things should be considered as according to the requirements of an individual.

How to Reach Manali

Distance by road:-

Manali is well connected to Delhi. Take an overnight bus from Delhi and you will reach Manali in 12 ? 14 hours(approx 540 KMS). Tickets can be booked online at or Tip : Since Delhi Manali is a long journey most Volvo private buses leave Delhi between 5 pm and 6 pm. The last govt bus leaves at 8.30 pm from ISBT Kashmere Gate. Volvo buses charge between Rs.1,000 to 1,400 per sector from Delhi to Manali and vice versa. Manali to Delhi: Like the onward journey, buses leave from Manali to Delhi between 4 and 5 p.m. Your tentative arrival at Delhi may be anywhere between 6 a.m. and 10 a.m. Plan your onward journeys only post noon giving enough buffer for bus delay.

How to reach Naggar:

From Manali, Naggar is 18 km. far and there are multiple buses running in every 15 minutes or one can get off at Patlikuhal which is 5 km. far from Naggar on the right bank highway. Patlikuhal lies in between of Kullu Manali. You can club a taxi or travel by a local transport from Manali or Patlikuhal to approach Naggar.

Nearest Railway Station:-

Nearest Railway station is Ambala (350 kms) and Chandigarh (310 kms). Tip: Regular Volvo and Buses are available from Chandigarh to Manali in the evening. Volvo buses charge between Rs.800 to Rs.1,200 per sector from Chandigarh to Manali and vice versa.

Nearest Airport :-

Nearest Airport is Bhuntar is 60 Kms. ?Bhuntar, which is 52 km away from Manali, is the nearest airport. Taxi services are available from Bhuntar to Manali, which costs about Rs.1000? Rs.2,000. Bhuntar is well connected to Delhi by air. The airliners that take you to this Airport are Indian Airlines, Kingfisher airlines, MDLR Airlines and Jagson Airlines, operating flights from Delhi and Chandigarh to Kullu.

Tariff Includes:

  • Royal Enfield Bikes (Himalayan 410cc & Standard 500cc) for the whole trip.
  •  Royal Enfield Bikes (Himalayan 410cc & Standard 500cc) At Leh.
  • Accommodation in standard hotels / camps on triple sharing.
  • Oxygen Cylinders and basic first aid kit.
  • Experienced and Professional Tour Marshal.
  • Experienced and Professional Tour Mechanic.
  • Experienced and Professional Backup Team with Backup car.
  • Fuel (Bike + Backup Car) For The Whole Trip.
  • Daily Breakfast from 2nd day till last day and Dinner from 1st day till second last day.
  • Required permits (Rohtang Permits + Leh Inner Line Permits).
  • Badges & expedition stickers for bikes and helmets.

Tariff Excludes:

  • 5% GST.
  • Lunch.
  • Personal Expenses.
  • Insurance, Tips, Laundry, and
  • Phone calls.
  • Soft and Hard drinks.
  • Photography / Videography.
  • Additional vehicle apart from the one already provided.
  • Extended stay due to health issues or weather conditions or any factor beyond control.
  • Difference due to change in tax by the Government.
  • Anything not specified under inclusions.
  • Security money 5000/-(Refundable)
  • Travel Insurance


Booking Policy:-

1. Rider / Pillion / Traveler has to pay Rs.10, 000/- as a Booking Amount.
2. Remaining Amount must be paid 5 days prior to the start of the tour.

Important note:-

1. The below mentioned rates are valid for Indian citizens only, rates for foreign nationals will be decided on trip basis.
2. The team can provide a photo / video shoot at an additional cost of INR 2500 / – per person / couple, to capture the beautiful memories of the tour.
3. In some areas, hotels or camps are not well equipped to fit a large number of groups for stay, hence we will have to divide the groups in different hotels / camps depending on the availability.
4. Since we will be riding mostly on mountainous terrain, travelers are requested to ensure having taken thick fur jackets or something similar along with thermal wears to keep themselves warm.
5. The surface of the road is paved, but includes some gravel sections. Avalanches, heavy snowfall and landslides can occur anytime and can sometimes block some sections of the road, being extremely dangerous due to frequent patches of ice.
6. Travelers having health issues specially asthma are requested to declare while booking so necessary arrangements can be taken care of.
7. We will have a one night stay at Sarchu which is located 14,500 ft above sea level, our team is well equipped to take care of such an altitude atmosphere, however in case any Traveller faces severe altitude sickness please do inform the team for necessary arrangements.
8. In case of bad weather conditions, if the ride won't be able to move forward, we will continue the tour on SUV / Traveller or may have to return back from the place. (No refund will be initiated in such cases).
9. Upon your arrival at Manali, you will be taken to your respective hotels to freshen up and head for breakfast, post which there will be a briefing session by the Road Captain on the current routes and climatic conditions, riding tips and guidelines to be followed during the entire trip. Post lunch, travelers will be allotted bikes and will be taken for a small test ride so the traveler is comfortable with the bike and can report in case of any issue.
10. In case any Traveler wishes to end his journey at Leh, they may feel free to do so and can plan their return flight from Leh airport which would be within a distance of 5 kms. Please confirm this at the time of booking since we will have to make arrangements for the bikes to return to Manali.
11. If the traveller wishes to end his trip at Leh on the 9th day, we will not be able to provide accommodation at Leh beyond the 9th day, travelers will have to arrange his own accommodation in case they wish to extend their stay at Leh.
12. We will be providing one day stay at Manali and Leh respectively for the traveller to explore the place on their own or be at leisure as they wish.

13. Riders are compulsorily requested to carry their driving license.
14. Riders & Pillions are compulsorily requested to wear face masks at all times for their own safety and that of others.

Himalayan Adventure Trips is a leading tour and travel company working since 8 years in the Northern Himalayas, providing a comprehensive adventure experience through well performed strategies awareness and precise execution of planning. We at HAT choose a well qualified group of Instructors Guides certified from well recognized mountaineering institutes, Porters who are companionable ready to help anyway, cooks of amazing recipes making a simple dish into sumptuous meal and the accommodation so relaxing reliving all the stress, are our prime deal of course during each trek. We are dedicatedly bound to give the best agile performance and service flawlessly throughout the trip than one claiming the untrue indeed.

We run treks in most of the Himalayan region, in Nepal, Laddakh and particularly in Himachal Pradesh. We choose the best routes to bring out the real pleasures amongst seekers finding a proper weekend thrill. We try to provide the most possible accommodations, food and the quality service companioning to favor the moment. During any of our trekking routes you will get the most delicious food of all, consisting of regular Indian food with some Chinese, continental, Italian mix of cuisines. We select the best food diet required for a trekker to sustain health and physical fitness during the sheer hikes, because food and water is the only energy which will keep you away from ails and sicknesses.

With a professional team instructing the group it becomes easy to complete any Himalayan trek without any hassle. Our team at HAT is well trained to operate giving first aid in the wilderness or the Acute Mountain Sicknesses or to rescue someone struck in situation. The treks are run smoothly often without any obstructions but the weather is unpredictable so are the mountains. So believe in us we will take you far away from your routine aspirations toward the overwhelming course of conquering the time. We have a successful history of running trekking programs without any mishaps or major contingencies. That’s all because of our skilled team of Guides Instructors Cooks Helpers and porters ready to help anyone in need while in the mountains.

There are several passionate trekkers mountaineers who had completed many of the treks expeditions with us successfully and keep exploring the Himalayas repeatedly in our worthy service. After all there is a lot more to explore in the mountains so we invite you to join in HAT’s programs to experience the mountains never shown and seen before. You can visit our website check the details or contact for further assistance.

About us

Himalayan Adventure Trips is a distinguished adventure company in the Northern Himalayas as well as in Nepal and other parts of the country. We at Himalayan adventure trips work on least risk basis providing on with the ultimate escort during any kind of adventure activity. We are working as a tour and travel company since 8 years and own a good reputation of executing successful adventure programs in amongst leading adventure companies in Northern Himalayas. We hold a team of professionals and passionate mountaineers who are capable of tackling any adverse circumstances at any means. Our Guides and Instructors are skilled, certified from ABHIMAS Manali (Himalayan Institute of Mountaineering and Allied Sports) an eminent institute of Adventure, which had given so many ardent climbers and mountaineers to the world.

We at Himalayan Adventure Trips organize treks, tours, expeditions, Cycling, Paragliding, river rafting, Skiing and much more in various regions such as Leh Laddakh, Nepal and in Himachal Pradesh. We believe in working with local inhabitant’s guides and instructors to provide an extra bit of knowledge about the surroundings and the terrain. We ensure that our every program should held with precise safety and security, thus with sheer pleasure each adventure seeker will find it a fair deal to voyage into the Himalayas. We opt the best quality adventure equipments facilitating with delicious food offering a companionable team of good vibes all at one place.

At HAT everyone is invited even if he/ she are beginner or a passionate adventurer there is a lot much to do out in the Nature. The exploration of nature will never stop or start until one assures a strong will determination to conquer the mountains. Here at HAT we make certain that every adventurer should achieve his/ her dream of climbing a peak, completing an arduous trek or cycling over highest mountain passes. We deem once you join in our any of the programs/activities you will be delighted and fulfilled with all our services facilitated in the Himalayas. So you can go to our website to get any of the information regarding your preferred program or if you don’t know about trekking/climbing you can contact us and we will recommend you the best option requisite. 


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Tamanna P

2021-03-12 13:15:03

Very good location and trek , weather is also good , and good food as well. I recommend to families and friends.


2021-03-12 13:13:31

We had booked snow Trek with Himalayan Adventure Trips, it was my first trek and i really enjoyed the trek.. the view was very mesmerizing and location is too good to enjoy, I have been with my friends and enjoyed alot, thanks Manu for planning it for us


2021-03-12 13:10:07

Snow Camping was perfectly organized by HAT. We were a group of 15 people from Kerala and came for some small hike with Snow camping. We had an awesome experience in the woods , location can't be any better and food was also freshly prepared for us. Tea was served as we wanted which is really good for us in cold. Thanks team Himalayan Adventure Trips

Dipika Kalaria

2021-03-06 22:29:34

We did roadtrip to Chandratal Lake. It was a great experience as it was my first roadtrip and Himalayan adventure organized it so well. We enjoyed stunning and spectacular views of Spiti area and the night stay at Chandratal lake was so soothing experience. Thanks a ton HAT team for this superb lifetime memory! Looking forward to enjoy many other trips with HAT.

Ankita Rao

2021-02-25 23:15:54

We did a road trip with Himalayan Adventure. It was a great trip organized by you guys. Loved the way things were planned and managed. Thanks for making our spiti valley experience worth remembering..


2021-02-25 23:13:39

Our trip to Prashar lake exceeded our expectations on every level. From our very first interaction with Himalayan Adventure Trips, this travel agency demonstrated care and concern for understanding the needs of our group, and the experiences

Ankit Chaudhary

2021-02-25 23:08:16

It was a trip to remember, nicely planned and well organized. All the things were perfect... The travel, the guide, the tents, campfire.. enjoyed the every moment of Chadar trek


2021-02-11 16:15:38

Snow Camping was perfectly organised by Manu. We were a group of 15 people from Mumbai and came for some small hike with Snow camping. We had an awesome experience in the woods , location can't be any better and food was also freshly prepared for us. Tea was served as we wanted which is really good for us in cold.Thanks team Himalayan Adventure trips

Mohana B

2021-02-11 16:14:00

Even though not as popular as other trekking agencies, these guys were very professional and conducted one of the most difficult treks in an Excellent way. The trek leaders, support staff and the cooking staff were excellent. They really run the trek on their shoulders. I remember the cooking head was saying to me that he has done pin Parvati nearly 50 times and there hasn't been any incident whatsoever, I realized it why. The technical staffs really did amazing job to get everyone cross the difficult and risky boulders and tricky sections. Appreciate the whole team. The management team though can improve on communication and advertising more.


2021-02-11 16:11:49

Yunam Peak is open for those who look for a High Altitude challenge. Its duration is short compared to the others of comparable height. One is on foot only for 2 or 3 days. One part of the walk is entirely loose stones/boulders, the other part is just snow. Himalayan Adventure trips provide comfortable accommodation before and after the trek at their campsite in Naggar. Their trek guide was competent and the other members were proficient in the work they had to handle.


2021-02-11 16:08:54

We are a group of trekkers from Bangalore, Team Himalayan adventure trips, helped us to travel to Kasol with Bus Bookings and Taxi also arranged the trek perfectly as we dreamed. they do it in very friendly manner and understand the needs. Thank You


2021-02-11 16:07:04

It was an amazing experience indeed and certainly my best decision… was the best trek ever! The scene are so beautiful and the entire place is so clean that you will feel as if you are in a foreign land. Amazing trip. The whole experience of trekking was really amazing. Moreover with the appointed guides and crew members, the fun went further ahead. Entire Hampta Pass itinerary provided by Himalayan adventure trips was planned in a very convincing way and was very fulfilling in every aspect. Totally satisfied with Team Himalayan adventure trips. Thanks a lot Himalayan adventure trips.. for making this trip a memorable one for one and all. Awesome job by all the tour operators and service providers. Thank you for making this a great experience...


2021-02-11 16:02:53

It was my first trek and I choose Sar Pass trek as suggested by Himalayan Adventure trips representative. They also helped me with my packing and preparation for the trek which was really useful. I was able to complete trek successfully with a little difficulty since it was my first trek, but everything was very organized with good food.


2021-02-11 15:59:46

It was a nice short & sweet way trek was around 4-5hrs depending on your’s an easy trek, if anyone doing a trek for the first time, I would highly suggest to start doing 30min walk /run daily starting 3weeks before the planned date. In the end don’t forget to enjoy every step:D Come back with some great experiences to share !! Cheerio :)


2021-02-11 15:57:12

Very good location and trek , weather is also good , and good food as well. I recommend to families and friends


2021-02-11 15:56:16

I climbed Mt Deo Tibba with Himalayan Adventure Trips, it was a successful attempt and things were planned well. The staff is nice and we had some fun too. I really liked the local dishes they prepared and their willingness to help me for anything. I will definitely go for next expedition with them.


2021-02-11 15:54:23

Sameer, Arun and I had a successful ascent of Mt Hanuman Tibba (5932m) with Himalayan adventure trips. Well organized, efficient and friendly team with Shera as the lead guide.

Shafi Hadimani

2020-10-08 22:36:40

chadar trek inquiry


2020-09-28 22:37:54

Had a great experience with himalayan adventure trips... lot of adventure n fun????????.Have recommended to all friends . Great stay and food????????


2020-09-25 17:01:50

This trek is the place and the trek to take , if it all you have any doubts on your physical capabilities or want to challenge your body and mind together! What a trek it was! The hardest route, the most difficult terrain and the longest hike I have ever done. Still, this is my best! Our family did it together and it is our best one. We had the longest route - 45km and it took almost 5 days to complete. It was a night trek and we scaled during the midnight amidst moonlight and snowing. What a thrill


2020-09-25 16:58:56

I would say it was a lifetime experience to me and my family members.... it was snow fall when we went there the 7 hours of walk was totally worth it...

bhagwant singh

2020-09-25 14:32:58

Such magnetic place which would attract you from miles away. It's attraction would not be light even if you reach up to it and walk on it. Just a nature's marvel which makes everything else look smaller and worthless in front of it.


2020-09-25 14:31:14

A trek treat on Himalayas. So much of knowledge about the other side of mountain life seems to have made a tad richer in experience and of course the humility and good lessons to lean on to that only mountains can teach.


2020-08-06 14:33:13

I had the good fortune of being connected with the Himalayan Adventure Trips. I will certainly be requesting his services again on my next trip to this part of the world. I highly recommend this company based on my experience.

Gitesh Srivastava

2020-07-30 13:14:55

We would like to thank Trekking Team Group for professional approach, exclusive behavior to us and friendly atmosphere during the whole sar pass trek trek. We wil recommend your team to all our friends in the future.


2020-07-29 14:17:10

We would like to thank Trekking Team Group for professional approach, exclusive behavior to us and friendly atmosphere during the whole sar pass trek trek. We wil recommend your team to all our friends in the future.

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