We at Himalayan adventure trips organize, support and provide own a vast range of equipments comprising of mountaineering, cycling, biking and so on. We believe that it is not possible for everyone to buy his/her own gear because that costs a lot for a single trip/ expedition. It increases the cost sometimes impossible to manage, so we try to cut this cost by renting some of the essentials needed during any kind of excursion. Renting gears for a particular type of adventure will provide one ease the pressure without panicking at last moment. So we provide the best possible equipments to rent such as for:

Expedition: Climbing ropes(static and dynamic), PP ropes, Climbing Boots(Scarpa), Harness(Camp/Neve), Crampon(Rigid/adjustable), Ice axe(camp), Helmets, Carabiners, Ascender, Descender, Tandem Pully, Mittons, Ice/Rock pitons, Slings(Tape/rope), Snow bars, Gaitors, Gloves, Feather Jackets, Rucksack 60ltr, Ponchu. All these equipments coincide with the international standards of safety.

Trekking: For trekking there are few things required like Backpack, Trekking Shoes, Gaitors, Trekking poles, Jackets, Poncho etc. We rent all these things at a reasonable cost and believe in facilitating anyone who is interested.

Skiing: We rent decent quality Skies, Skiing poles, Snowboards, Helmets, Skiing clothing’s etc.

Cycling: We own the top quality SCOTT 670 Mountain bike which gives the best ride in any kind of terrain. The bikes are rented after a complete check done by the technician. We rent the bikes along with ISO certified Helmets, Knee elbow pads, Bike Tools etc.

Biking: For biking we rent ISO certified Helmets, Knee elbow pads and Bullets(350/500cc) for day ride or tours. View More Details….