Kullu Manali is the valley of rivers and streams giving birth to many of the adventurous water sports in the region. Rafting is one of the major water sport offered in the valley, in serene river Beas. There are multiple river rafting points in between the Kullu Manali highway consisting of rapid currents or smooth rafting stretches. It is a safe sport presenting incredible passing landscapes, river banks, rough surfaces splashing up and down, smooth and flattened river currents all indeed elated. Kullu has varied grade of water levels depending on the seasons. In summer river rapids are in grade 4 and in winter remains 2-3 level. But the rainy seasons are avoided or strictly restricted because of the river currents raising to a dangerous pace. Yet in summer and winter the river current is reasonable until the confluence of River Beas and Parvati. Till there smooth rafting is done with fewer rapids and uneasiness. Beyond the confluence it is the pro rafting over high water levels and current of grade 3-4 rapid. So there are numerous points to start the white water rafting as of one’s selection of Short Medium or Long propel. Taking one of the trip we transfer you to the best pilots possible in the valley who will ensure your safety and security during the water sport. After all it is safe sport and we organize all kinds of water sports and rely on best team of professionals. If you are interested to join in one of our white water program you can check our website:www.himalayanadventuretrips.com, or mail us at:info@himalayanadventuretrips.com