In the midst of our busy lives, an adventure in the mountaineering expedition offers more than just an escape from the humdrum of modern life. Mountain climbing awakens the spirit of adventure when we explore the verdant valleys, between the dense forests, and crystal glaciers that have a perfect dazzling experience.

Peak climbing expeditions in India is an ideal way to experience adventure throughout the -summer season. From green to snow-filled peaks, the trekkers get the chance to capture the blessed beauty of Mother Nature.

So, are you ready to take on the adventure thrill?

Here are Some of the Best Tour Destinations for Mountain Climbing in India.

For the Beginners?

Friendship Peak Expedition

Friendship peak is one of the most majestic mountain peaks. It is a wanderlust 5289-meter trail, that runs on the Pir Panjal mountain range in Himachal Range.

If this is your first expedition then, you should go for this trip filled with adventure. This is a perfect trek for beginners and you can enjoy the fun of mountaineering.

This peak highlights the infinite beauty of nature. Tourists from all over the planet come here to climb the three magnificent ranges with its breath-taking views- Pir Panjal Range, the Great Himalayan Range, and the Dhauladhar Range.

The beautiful glistening rays falling on the expansive snow-capped foothills of mountains, the dense forests. Friendship peak will give you a spectacular panoramic experience. So, what are you waiting for? Book your expedition and have a wonderful trek.

Cheema Peak Expedition

The hike from the Cheema peak in Lahaul Himalayas covers 3 to 4 days on an amazing scenic trail at the height of 6105 m with a nearby view of Karcha Nala.

This peak is known for the unique humongous height that offers marvelous and breath-taking views of the surrounding lower valleys. While taking an exhilarating trek, you will cross the rivers five times. Starting from the Moon Lake, the Chandratal Lake that will surely quench your eyes with its spectacular view. The mountain ranges comprise slopes and valleys that are loved by backpackers and trekkers.

Mount Deo Tibba Expedition

Known as ‘the God Hill’, Deo Tibba is a beautiful trek in the Manali region. Covered with snow-capped mountains, it is located in the Kullu district at a height of 6001 m in the Pir Panjal range of mountains. Gradually, it is considered the beginners’ peak as it is not so high.

Tourists from all over the world come here to see the emerald blue waters at the foot of Deo Tibba peak. This is a dome-shaped peak where you will be trekking through the lovely forests of the Kullu valley gushing through the trees. Trek to Deo Tibba Base is a treat to the eyes. It is one of the most beautiful treks in the country. It takes trekkers through the beautiful meadows giving glimpses of snow-clad peaks of Deo Tibba and Indrasan and the glaciers of Jagatsukh and Deo Tibba.

For the Intermediate and experienced

Kedarnath Dome Peak Expedition

Kedarnath, one of the most spectacular crests in the Himalayan region, for both nature lovers and ardent trekkers who tend to enjoy the experience of peak climbing in dazzling weather. Kedarnath dome peak expiation is especially beautiful in the winter months, the magical sunrise dome 6,940 m.

The forested floors of the massive mountain peaks with the meadows of the pine trees make a stunning backdrop to your communal journey. Kedarnath has the most gorgeous campsites, full of harmony especially that will surely help in rejuvenating the soul in Akruti Thach campsite, which is so alluring.

Pangarchulla Peak Expedition

If you are an adventure enthusiast and want to satisfy the desire for mountain climbing, then consider Pangarchulla peak in your wish list destination. It measures a good altitude of 4575 meters above sea level and stands as an ideal rising destination for trekkers.

With the start of the summer season, countless tourists check out Pangarchulla and take the chance to experience climbing uphill. While on the trek you will be able to explore Joshimath and the glorious views associated with Nanda Devi.

Mamostong Kangri Peak Expedition

Mamostong Kangri Peak expedition is located in Nubra Valley of Ladakh. An expedition route can be a marvel, testing human endurance to its limit and providing succor at just the right moment. Mamostong Kangri expedition is such test of endurance that offers stunning views of peaks over 7516 M. It flaunts a diverse range of flora and fauna along with high passes, gushing rivers and extreme altitude, also known as “Mountain of thousand Devils’

Mount Mamostong Kangri Expedition is only for experienced trekkers and aspiring climbers. To climb this expedition, you have to be a good mountaineer and experienced.

Things to Carry While Planning Mountaineering Trips

If you plan to go mountain climbing in India this year, then here are the few essentials that must carry for your expedition.

Some of them are as follows:

Climbing Gears: Helmet, hiking poles, Headlamps

Clothes & Accessories: Mountaineering boots, Thermal mountaineering socks, light-weighted Layers of sweaters, and coats, Raincoats,

Other essentials: compass, extra food, first-aid kit, thermos

There are a number of essentials required when you go mountaineering. These are just a glimpse.


The beautiful mountains of India act as a one-stop destination for the peak climbing expedition for all the mountain climbers in the world. Expect to spend the most unforgettable moments of your life in the mountains with the best Mountaineering expedition packages.

The mountain climbing offers you to cover diverse terrain and adventure camping in a treasure chest of beautiful trekking trails.