Imagine far-fetched dignified Himalayan Mountains, gorgeous twisting roads, pristine white snowflakes all around, small shops by the locals vending hot beverages in the frosty cold climate, people playing with snowballs, and much more; at the highest road of India. How does it feel?

Thrilling beyond measure, isn’t it?

Rohtang Pass is the spellbinding high altitude pass in our country. A trip to Manali is unfinished unless you have taken the beautiful 50 kilometers long drive through the most exquisite panoramas and vistas you have ever seen.  Distance between Rohtang Pass to Manali offers the most breath-taking landscapes on both the way and the peak.

How To Reach Rohtang Pass

Before traveling to Rohtang Pass, there are several things that you must keep in mind. The most essential thing is that Rohtang Pass remains restricted for visitors on Tuesdays so book Manali and Rohtang pass packages accordingly. The distance between Manali and Rohtang pass is a 50km long trail, which is a 2 hours journey. Whether you are a tourist or a local, everyone needs a permit that is issued as per the vehicle and you require a pass that is issued by The Himachal Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation. You can also avail it online at

Secondly, keep your vehicles’ pollution level under check, to keep them pollution-free. The permit is necessary for every vehicle, taxi, car, or bike

Rohtang Pass: A Challenging Terrain

The literal meaning of the expression Rohtang is ‘a pile of corpses’. Surprised? So was it, when I got to know. It really resembled rude and inappropriate to name a thing of such beauty as a symbol of darkness. However, it made sense when this route was inaccessible about 50 years ago. However, it is the most challenging route to follow along with the timeless charm it offers. The enchanting glaciers, bottleneck roads, coasting rivers, magnanimous mountain ranges, and 360-degree scenic views await all those who are brave enough to face the challenging terrains and weather of the region.

Best Time To Experience The Beauty Of Rohtang Pass

If you are planning to hop on the snow this year, then the month of May is something worth it to plan a trip at Rohtang Pass.  Snow is all over the year but yes, you cannot find that slow-laden alley in other months as compared to early May. You can surely catch a live snowfall, but it could get a bit serious as you can be stuck in snow or landslides. Plan for a Manali Rohtang trip and spend a wonderful time with your family, then go for May and June. In these two months, the weather is ideal for a family vacation.

Five Attractions To Visit Near Rohtang Pass

It is no wonder that Rohtang is a place, which is covered with snow all over the year. Dense green forests, striking waterfalls, steep and adventurous drive, remarkable views, snow even in the months of June and July; you will find it all in plenty at Rohtang. It is really no wonder that travelers from all over the world traveling to Manali always include Rohtang in their trip.

Solang Valley- The Heart Of Rohtang Valley

As you ride from Manali to Rohtang Top, you arrive in the town of Palchan, the trail takes you to the beautiful Solang Valley. Solang valley is one of the beloved destinations for skiing is in close vicinity to Manali, hence Rohtang Pass. During winters the view of Rohtang Valley transforms into a winter wonderland just like an Eden for Adam and Eve. Whereas, the summers make it a perfect spot for parachuting, zorbing, paragliding, and horse riding.

Bhaga And Chandra Rivers- The Enchanting Convergence

As the icebergs in the Shivalik Ranges melt, they flow and confluence at Chandra and Bhaga river. The combination of the confluence of the rivers and the beautiful surrounding valleys make it a mesmerizing sight for tourists. These two river couple as a flowing river Chenab flowing through the southern part of Rohtang pass.

Spiti And Lahaul Valley- Hub For Nature Lovers

“A world within a World”, perfectly defined by Rudyard Kipling, Spiti, and Lahaul Valley is known as the Himalayan Mountain Desert. A 2.5-hour ride from Rohtang, ‘The Lahaul and Spiti Valley’ is truly amongst the natural wonders of India. Dotted with monasteries and trails takes you along NH505, gives a magical feel to nature lovers, adventurers, photographers, and backpackers. The Lahaul & Spiti Valley is home to the most famous monastery ‘Tabo Monastery‘, also a notable World Heritage Site.

Rahala Waterfalls- A Picturesque Experience

Rahala Falls, a pristine beauty, which is indeed an underrated place. Suited at a distance of 16km from Manali, it offers scenic views. The virtue of the waterfall is its breathtaking drop from an altitude of 2500 meters. So, don’t forget to have a family picnic at Rahata Falls.

Khoksar Village-Picturesque Himalayan Village

Khoksar is an idyllic looking village close to the Chandra waterfalls. It is a place that is yet untouched, you may be able to catch the glimpse of virgin snow. It happens to be the coldest place in Lahaul. It is 19km from Rohtang and faces snowfall almost every year. If you are in search of a paradise where humans live, then Khoksar village in Lahaul is the perfect place.

Way Forward:

Rohtang Pass is all about relishing the raw beauty of the landscape for miles, snow, sand storms, and passage of glaciers that have created a trope for this area. Words cannot do it justice; all I can say is that it has a huge number of panoramic views that it seems unbelievable.