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Hampta Pass Trek with Chandratal Lake

Manali, Himachal Pradesh


4 Nights/ 5 Days

Tour Type

Specific Tour

Group Size

20 people


English, Hindi



  • Region:                           Manali / Spiti Valley
  • Total Duration –           4 Night / 5 Days
  • Maximum Altitude –  4270m.
  • Grade –                          Easy to Moderate
  • Best Season –              May to October
  • Accommodation –     Organized Campsite / Guest house
  • Food –                           On trek All meals included
  • Distance –                    34 KM.
  • Hampta Pass Trek is a beautiful mountain located in prominent town of Manali, stretching and spreading distantly from lush green Kullu Manali valley to the barren landscapes of spiti. The route adjoins totally varying expanses with the multiple days of trekking consisting of immense beauty ornamented with dense forests of deodar striking meadows and a variety of flowers spurring into the landscape. Primarily when there wasn’t any road built over the Rohtang Pass (13052ft.) the route was opted by the local dwellers wanting to reach the other side of Spiti valley for trade or any other exchanges and also by the shepherds migrating towards highland meadows to get ideal pastures. It is the most enjoyed trek amongst the enthusiastic voyagers seeking for an amazing weekend in the Himalayas.
  • Hampta Pass trek is so diverse and distinct filled with foliage, into the stunning valleys, glacial lakes, streams, waterfalls, distant snow patches to the arid and deserted vale. The trail goes through a passage surrounded by the Rocky Mountains and accompanied by a gushing stream a tributary of river Beas fed by several torrents. However these torrents obstruct on places with only option of crossing through the chilling water comprehending one with the true Nature of Himalayan Region. The valley narrows further into the passage giving an opportunity at times to have a look on meandering valley left behind. There are times when one has to cross through several chilling torrents, streams rushing to reach major rivers each sides of the valley. Hampta pass elongates at 4200m, a decent mark that can be attained by experienced trekker or even can a rookie.
  • Hampta Pass & Chandratal Lake Trek is the gateway to enter into a different world, a world of dry and desolate expanse. On this side nights are freezing and winds are chilling but the landscape and sky is so pure and lucid that one will forget the wintriness for a moment. Gazing stars constellations at such heights is often amazing. Further the trail descends opening up the grand vista of desolate Spiti valley with roaring Chandra River flowing tortuously. As we reach Chatru we will be accompanied by our conveyance to head towards the Moon Lake ‘Chandratal’. Visiting chandratal is always a stress relieving trip gratifying one with incredible emerald lake. The lake is crescent shaped as the name suggests ‘Chandratal’ and is about 3km wide lapping between the rusty mountains of scree. The lake is meant to be holy and spiritual and is circumambulated by the pilgrimages as well as the random visitors. The roads leading to and fro are totally off beaten offering remoteness of the region. Returning backwards through rusty roads will take some hours of drive to reach the civilization left days ago. Driving over the rohtang pass will open up the lush greenery conceiving a complete change of landscape. Once reached manali it will be time for saying adieu and leaving for the further destinations.


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Preparation for Hampta Pass Trek

As you know every mountainous excursion demands a precise planning, a planning with adequate pliability of observing and tackling situations, held all as by overcoming mind body and soul throughout the incredible Himalayan journey.

So here are some aspects regarding Hampta Pass Trek preparation:

Physically – A trek demands physical endurance, to prepare for each trek you should work out a month before joining a program.  Build up the adequate strength in your legs by running and exercising every day to boost up your endurance. Stop smoking and boost your lungs doing breathing exercises at routine basis two times a day, which will help acclimatize the conditions while being resilient on the trek. Take active part in outdoor games, Yoga and any other cardiac exercises.

Mentally – Mental preparation is key, equally as important as physical training requisite for a trek. Before joining any trek take pleasure in your daily routines, eat well, take rest properly and relax. Do not stress your mind by unnecessary predictions about the trek. Be with your best friends to get motivated and relax your mind. Because pre trek assumptions are not worthy because once you join the trek and meet with rest of the pack will bring encouragement and excitement. The mental preparedness will build through the entire trek conditions. And the physical drawbacks will affect the mind. So pay close attention to various parts of the body and consciously let them loosen up as you trek. When you trek try to relax your body, especially your hips. If you’re on a winding downhill trail or on a panicking slant, think of each step as part of a simple dance and enjoy the natural rhythms that the terrain and your body can find together cautiously. Experiment with different ways of walking as a way of finding enjoyment beyond the goal of reaching a destination. The main key to stay mentally fit is to enjoy the route and not to pressurize the mind.

Technically- Gear up yourself with perfect size trekking shoes and walk with it. Use 60ltr. Backpack in a daily routine with some weight inside it, so you become used to carrying loads. Buy a trekking pole, water bottle, warm socks, thermals, fleece, feather jackets, trousers, poncho,  flip flops, electronics such as power bank, camera (DSLR or digital camera).

Detail Itinerary of Hampta Pass Trek with Chandratal Lake

Day 1 - Arrival in Manali & Drive from Manali to Jobri Nallah and then trek to Chhika.

Arrive Manali, then drive to Prini, here our representatives will be waiting for you take on further programs. We will drive from Prirni to Jobri and at Jobri our trek commences. It is  a moderate terrain passing through dense forests beautiful streams a verdant landscape. However Chhika isn’t that long distanced yet an acclimatization walk. After walking a couple of hours thick jungle get thinner and the vast expanse comes in front. As the open landscape emerges, one can see the Chhika campsite distantly. It is the shortest and easiest route of the whole trek. Here we will halt in camps for the night.

Day 2 - Trekking from Chika to Balu ka Gera

Today after having sumptuous breakfast get ready for an adventures ascend, an ascend over festooned meadows into the profound valley. The trail consists of a short climb at initial then moderates slowly with ups and downs throughout. The treeline is left behind before Chhika, though the vistas are open and vast in a manner. The vegetation shortens into bushes and shrubs along with variety of Himalayan flora and fauna. The Hampta range is rich in Himalayan Herbs that if someone has adequate knowledge it could be an interesting place to know about herbs found. The trail follows a valley which keeps narrowing alongside a stream fed by hampta glacier. Enroute one has to cross the chilly torrent, rocky terrains amidst the huge snow capped peaks. The hike will take us to the campsite located at a decent height where one could have the first experience of mountain sickness or lack of oxygen. The air is thinner and freezing cold nights with lucid night sky ready to be gasped by spectators camping in Balu ka Gera.the night will be spend in the organized campsites.

Day 3 - Trek from Balu ka Gera to Shea Goru while crossing Hampta Pass

The day is most awaited as we will go across the pass and enter into a different world. We will make an early start to avoid any bad weather held mostly in the afternoon during approach of the Pass. From Balu ka Gera the snow patches will start to expanse into thick snow sheets with moraine submerged underneath. The gradient steepens while climbing up the mixed of scree and rocky ridges one over the other, it also keeps expanding and heightening yet valley keeps narrowing the stony mountains. The pass location is indefinable with false ledges leading one to get ionized from such an unpredictable environment. So it is recommended to trek on a steady pace avoiding unnecessary efforts that result in exhaustion. On a while Pass is near showing off its grand vistas when we look aback towards Hampta valley, a valley full of revelation. Crossing over Hampta Pass offers a lot more than a physical action, giving one the confidence to explore into their strengths never performed. From top one can have a glimpse on the Mighty Deo Tibba, Indrasan and Mulkila Range on the other side of the Pass. After having chilled at the top of Pass at 4200m we stride forward descending through tricky gradient slopes which are mostly made of lose and hard rock substance. There is risk of falling rocks triggered basically by the any of the trekker descending hastily but when surface is covered by snow downhill cuts short because snow slides can be done lessening the time to reach flat zone after the Hampta Pass. Attaining the other side of the pass one can see the dramatic change of the environments turning to barren and arid surrounded by rusty brown mountains. The campsite can be seen from a way above because of its least greenery found only at Shea Gohru fed by a stream flowing down into the Chandra River. Shea Gohru is like an oasis between such and harsh atmosphere. The camps are pitched on the banks of a stream around green carpet of highland vegetation sometimes ornamented with tough floral, ranks the site a well cherished campsite among trekkers.  The nights in Shea Gohru are freezing cold yet sky is crystal clear filled with shining stars constellations blanketing the campsite. Have your dinner and rest for the upcoming day.

Day 4 - Trek from Shea Goru to Chhatru & then Drive from Chatru to Chandra Tal

An early start is must to utilize time coz we have to visit Chandratal Lake and time being spend at the Lake will depend on our arrival at chatru. So try to hasten things at campsite for getting ready on our first step in a stream crossed barefooted. The stream is the only major obstacle left and followed by moderate descends of slope. We will walk along the river tortuously on gentler surfaces. As we reach at the base moderate trailing with the huge slab of snow on a slant to negotiate, further guided by off road tread of 4x4’s. Chatru lies on the river banks providing few shops offering food items or any daily use items. At Chatru we will be accompanied by our vehicle which will drive us to Chandratal Lake. It is About 40km’s far from Chatru and will take around 2hours to reach. The road ends with a mere km of walk towards emerald lake. Suddenly the emerald lake starts to appear lapped amidst the barren mountains. The lake is called Chandratal because of its crescent shape. It is 3km wide and takes about 4hours to complete a circle, also meant as pilgrimage amongst co related regions. After having spent quality hours at the Lake we will drive back as if the road is tricky. We will reach the campsite by the evening and halt in the camps till the upcoming departure held’s.

Day 5 - Drive from Chhatru to Manali.

It is the final day of the trek driving from Chatru to Manali over Rohtang Pass(13052ft.). Make an early move and check all the stuff carried along by a trekker, consecutively hop into the conveyance then leave the place. It is a 5-6 hr. drive from arid lands to the greenery of the Kullu Manali Valley. We will drive down twisty roads surrounded by boulders rocks and forests. We will reach Manali by the evening and here on group is free to depart their preferred destinations.

How To Reach

Distance by road:-

Manali is easily accessible from Delhi. Take an overnight bus from Delhi to Manali and you'll be there in 12 to 14 hours (approx 540 KMS). Tickets can be purchased online through or Because the journey from Delhi to Manali is long, most Volvo private buses depart from Delhi between 5 and 8 p.m. The last government bus departs from ISBT Kashmere Gate at 8.30 p.m. From Delhi to Manali, Volvo buses charge between Rs.1,200 and Rs.1,800 per sector. From Manali to Delhi: Buses from Manali to Delhi leave between 4 and 8 p.m., just like the onward voyage. Your estimated arrival time in Delhi will be between 6 and 10 a.m. Plan your subsequent excursions with a buffer in case of a bus delay.

How to reach Naggar:

Naggar is 18 kilometres from Manali, and there are many buses running every 15 minutes. Alternatively, one can get out at Patlikuhal, which is 5 kilometres away on the right bank highway. Patlikuhal is located between Kullu and Manali. To get to Naggar, you can take a taxi or a local bus from Manali or Patlikuhal.

Nearest Railway Station:

Ambala (350 miles) and Chandigarh (450 km) are the closest railway stations (310 kms).

Note: In the evening, regular Volvo and bus services run from Chandigarh to Manali. From Chandigarh to Manali, Volvo buses charge between Rs.800 and Rs.1,200 every sector.

Nearest Airport:-

The nearest airport is Bhuntar, which is 52 kilometres distant from Manali. Taxis are accessible from Bhuntar to Manali for around Rs.1500 to Rs.2,500. Bhuntar is well-connected by air to Delhi. Indian Airlines, Kingfisher Airlines, MDLR Airlines, and Jagson Airlines operate flights from Delhi and Chandigarh to Kullu.

Things To Pack

Trekking Shoes: Decent trekking shoes with a good grip and ankle support are required. Carry no sport shoes.

Clothing: Warm garments, such as three-layer coats, fleece, or down feather jackets, are required. Carry one or two full-sleeved t-shirts. Carry cotton and trek pants ideal for trekking for your lowers. For trekking, do not bring jeans or shorts.

Thermals: Keep top and bottom thermals on hand.

Socks: Bring two or three pairs of sports socks, as well as woollen socks to wear at night.

A headlamp/led torch is required.

Sunglasses: To protect yourself from the sun in the snow, you should use UV-protected sunglasses.

Woolen hats and gloves are also recommended due to the cold weather. Carry waterproof gloves because they will become wet in the snow.

Lunchbox & Water Bottle: Each participant should bring their own lunch box, spoon, and water bottle.

Raincoats/ponchos: Snowfall and rain are prevalent at high altitudes, and it is important to carry a poncho to avoid getting wet.

Documents Required:

a) Registration Form
b) Medical Certificate (signed by a registered MBBS doctor) 
c) NOC form (by trekker) 
d) 2 Passport size photos 
e) Photocopy of Valid I.D. (PAN is not allowed)


  • Local transport during trek.
  • Tents on sharing basis.
  • Advanced and qualified Guide from Himalayan Adventure Trips.
  • Cooks/Helper and other requisite staff.
  • Vegetarian meals on the trek (Breakfast/Lunch/Tea/snacks/Dinner).
  • All trek organizational requirements.
  • Basic First aid Kit with portal oxygen.
  • Forest Permits and camping charges.
  • All trekking permits.
  • While on trek all meals will be provided. Meals will be freshly prepared and will be a mix of Indian, Chinese & Continental.
  • Accommodation in Hotel/Guest House/Home stay or tents.
  • All group equipment for the trek (tents at Base Camp, use of Base Camp facilities)
  • All trek staff, including Porters/mules for carrying common equipment's (like rations/tents/utensils/)
  • Air travel or any kind of travel fare.
  • Hotel accommodation and meals in manali.
  • Personal expenses such as personal potter, laundry ,etc
  • Entry visas or inner line permit for Foreign Participants.
  • Personal clothing and trekking equipments like sleeping bag liners, walking stick, etc.
  • Any rescue costs or costs of early departure from the expedition.
  • Gratuities to guides and Sherpa staff.
  • Personal Porters for carrying trekker’s backpacks.
  • Personal insurance or cost of emergency evacuation
  • Purchases of personal natures (like mineral water bottles/bottled or canned beverages/chocolates/dry fruits/ gifts etc.)
  • Food to/from the trailhead.
  • GST of 5%.


4 Nights/ 5 Days

Tour's Location

Manali, Himachal Pradesh


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Very Good
The Trekking adventure tours in Indian Himalaya

Anna Singh

Went on a Hampta Pass trek with my husband when we were in india for a family visit. All arrangements for our transport, stay and guided tour was well arranged by HAT .Everything went great, the food was good and freshly prepared on campsite. Stay was in tents with sleeping bags. Special thanks to Maninder for being so patient as we were relatively slow compared to other trekkers in group. Overall great experience.
The Trekking adventure tours in Indian Himalaya


Hampta Pass is a beautiful trek with heart-warming views throughout the journey where you travel from a forest to rocky areas to snow exploring it's beauty in a unique way. Surely, it becomes harder on the third day but a special shout out to the trek leaders whose motivation, support and encouragement helped us to reach the summit. Moreover, new and interesting people contributes a positive colour to your entire journey making it memorable. Food and stay was good Overall, the entire trek was worth experiencing. Well done HAT
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The Trekking adventure tours in Indian Himalaya



Harish j

It was an amazing experience indeed and certainly my best decision… was the best trek ever! The scene are so beautiful and the entire place is so clean that you will feel as if you are in a foreign land. Amazing trip. The whole experience of trekking was really amazing. Moreover with the appointed guides and crew members, the fun went further ahead. Entire Hampta Pass itinerary provided by Himalayan Adventure Trips was planned in a very convincing way and was very fulfilling in every aspect. Totally satisfied with Team HAT. Thanks a lot Himalayan Adventure Team.. for making this trip a memorable one for one and all. Awesome job by all the tour operators and service providers. Thank you for making this a great experience…
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The Trekking adventure tours in Indian Himalaya




It was wonderful experience with white peaks adventures...staff Nd owners are very caring Nd encouraging...
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